Do You Use A Personal Protective Equipment Needs Assessment Form?

Personal Protective Equipment Gloves and Mask

COVID-19 is still a major presence in our communities, and even if your worksite didn’t require traditional personal protective equipment  (PPE) to be worn by workers before the pandemic, we are certainly all utilizing some kind of PPE now – as we try to prevent this infection from taking root at our jobsites amongst our staff or employees. 

So whether it is face-coverings like masks and/or shields, disposable gloves or gowns, or more traditional PPE like safety glasses, safety shoes, high-vis vests, gloves, earplugs, or hardhats, there is an INCREASED need for review of the standard of PPE required for each work environment/department, and a tracking mechanism to maintain standards of inspection, disinfection, and training on correct use and disposal of the PPE. Do you have something like this in place currently? If not, we’ve got you covered!

DOWNLOAD THE PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT NEEDS ASSESSMENT – this checklist is a guide to track PPEs, training and compliance to keep your workers safe from worksite COVID-19 hazards.

Preventing Disease Transmission with Proper Personal Protective Equipment in the Workplace

Have you heard of our FREE virtual training course from the Canadian Red Cross called PREVENTING DISEASE TRANSMISSION, that addresses the critical need to provide training to our staff on how to prevent the spread of disease, AND which includes a section specifically addresses the personal protective equipment question? 

screenshot from PDT training presentation: 3 methods of transmission routes of entry

You can even get key staff officially certified by the Red Cross for a very minimal cost – but anyone can complete the course online for free – because we believe it’s so important this information is made available to everyone in our communities.

screenshot from PDT training presentation: common PPE wear.

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Learn more about this course and how to contact Carla, ABL’s Occupational Wellness Manager,  who instructs this course in-class and virtually!!!

Visit the Occupational Wellness Manager page to download useful posters and information with useful tips to helping us all get through this TOGETHER!

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