ABL Awards

Celebrating Assignment Employees

A Better Life Award

How are you creating “a Better Life” by working with ABL?

ABL likes to celebrate assignment employees who make the most of the opportunities that come their way through working at our assignments. Working a temporary assignment with ABL may help you:

  • Build your resume
  • Learn new skills
  • Get noticed by potential employer-companies
  • Update your references
  • Receive new training
  • Try a different field of work
  • Network with contacts in your field of interest
  • Maximize your earnings to build your better life by exceptional attendance and punctuality

Monthly Draws

Some of the ways you’ll receive a ballot into this month’s draw are‎:

  • You accept and start a last-minute assignment
  • A client company provides positive feedback on your work
  • You refer a friend who also starts an ABL Assignment
  • You use your ABL assignment to meet a personal goal, or move towards a positive change in your life
  • A client company nominates you because you have helped them have “A Better Life”

Annual “A BETTER LIFE ” Award of $1,000

At the end of each year, ABL offices across Canada will submit their nominations for candidates who have created A BETTER LIFE for themselves through working with ABL.

  • One winner will be selected from amongst all of the nominees
  • The winner will have their story shared in our online community (website, Facebook etc.) as an inspiration to others who are creating positive change in their lives
  • The recipient of this award will receive $1,000

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Monthly Draw Recipients

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