A better life award Finalists

2019 Award Finalists

Profile photo of Precious, our 2019 Award Winner

Precious T. (ABL Careers/Etobicoke location) is our 2019 A Better Life Award Winner!

We first met Precious when she was new to Canada, in the transition phase of work permit to Permanent Resident. Turns out she was financially responsible for all of her extended family members back home in Botswana, and is dedicated to building a career and a better life in Canada, so that she can continue to support her family and the charitable causes she champions back home. From the first time we met, we were struck by her humility and selfless approach to life.

Why was Precious nominate for the A Better Life Award and the $1000 cheque?
Precious was very successful in a challenging technical interview for a specialized role with one of our clients. While there, Precious comforted and encouraged another applicant who was not successful in this particular technical interview, when she could have just focussed on her own success. She successfully landed that position and has proven herself to be a positive influence and future leader – we are confident that she will continue to thrive. Congratulations from all of us at ABL, Precious! We know you will put that $1000 cheque to great use!

2018 Award Finalists

Congratulations to the A Better Life 2018 Award Recipient: Roberto H. from our Milton Office!

Roberto left El Salvador years ago to move to Canada to make money to provide A Better Life for his young daughter still living back home. Renting only a small room in Milton, he wanted to be sure that the majority of his earnings went towards funding a better future for his daughter. He liked the flexibility of his work schedule as it allowed him to make several trips to see his daughter…he wanted her to be sure of his love and goals for her.

Roberto has been a long-time, faithful ABL employee, working at multiple ABL client companies where his flexibility and excellent work ethic was highly valued and admired. He has recently been hired on by an ABL client company with full benefits and profit sharing.

In other wonderful news, Roberto’s daughter has now applied to move to Canada to be with her Dad! Roberto exemplifies what it means to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way to create the future you want for your family. Roberto was the recipient of $1000 and a beautiful Inukshuk award, which is the traditional Canadian symbol that someone is “on the right path”.

Meet Our First Runner-Up: Tom R. from our Woodstock Office!

At the age of 56, Tom’s life took an unexpected turn as he needed to move back to his hometown of Woodstock to take care of his aging parents. His pursuit of a job started with a visit to staffing agency where he was treated poorly. Undaunted, he went to ABL and his impressive and varied work experience was recognized. He left the registration process with a long term assignment that allowed him to settle back into his hometown. He is now able to help support his parents and his children. Tom was so pleased to have found the support of the ABL team, that he referred his two sons to ABL, who have also been successfully placed at ABL clients. He possesses a fantastic attitude-fun, lively and appreciative – which has made him a favourite of ABL clients (and the Woodstock ABL team!). Working through ABL allowed Tom to get resettled in Woodstock, and even reconnect with (and marry!) an old girlfriend from his teenage years. Tom has truly created a Better Life for himself and all his family. Tom is the recipient of $250 and a beautiful Inukshuk award, which is the traditional Canadian symbol that someone is “on the right path”. 

Meet our Second Runner-Up: Asiah A. from our ABL Careers Office! Congratulations, Asiah!

Asiah has overcome considerable difficulty in her early life, suffering the loss of her parents at a young age. She has forged forward fearlessly and feels it is important to put love and energy in all she does. Though she has had to learn to support herself without the presence of family around her, she never lets negativity from others bring her down and is so happy to be part of ABL. Her excellent customer service skills, willingness to work extra hours and her sunshine outlook have been greatly appreciated by many ABL clients. Asiah has built a life for herself independently with a smile on her face. Asiah is the recipient of $250 and a beautiful Inukshuk award, which is the traditional Canadian symbol that someone is “on the right path”. 


2017 A Better life award recipient announced: congratulations, Sue!

In February 2018, Sue P. from New Westminster B.C. was presented with the “A Better Life Award” for 2017, and she became the 2nd person to ever receive this award since its inception in 2016.

Along with the beautiful Inukshuk award plaque, she was also the recipient of a $1000 cheque! Sue was nominated by a manager at one of our client sites for her fantastic work ethic, but more importantly, for her amazing efforts with another employee who suffered from severe anxiety.

One day, about two thirds of the way through her first shift, a new employee (we’ll call her “Kate”) had a panic attack on the job-site. Sue, (a more experienced ABL associate at this jobsite) with no prompting or encouragement, took it upon herself to help guide and support Kate in the workplace. She was patient and kind, explaining what Kate needed to do to stay on track and complete all of her work. What’s more, Sue opened her heart and mind to the anxious worker, letting Kate speak of her personal issues and giving advice and encouragement to help her through her difficult times.

Pictured: Sue receives her award, certificate, & $1000 cheque!

Over the following weeks, with Sue’s support and guidance, Kate became a successful and contributing member of the team on that jobsite, thriving in her role, and was even able to expand what she was comfortable doing. According to the manager who nominated her, this wouldn’t have happened had it not been for Sue. In his words, “it is often easy for people to walk away from a situation (like this); apparently this is not an option for Sue.”

ABL decided on the beautiful, traditional Canadian symbol of the Inukshuk to represent this award, because the symbol is historically used to signify that a traveller is “on the right path”. We felt it was just so poignant, given that the A Better Life Award was established to acknowledge employees who have maximized their opportunities with ABL to create a better life for themselves or their families.

Congratulations, Sue – you are the epitome of what this award represents! You can watch more about Sue’s journey here:

You can watch ABL’s founder and president, PJ Ferguson, explain the concept around the “A Better Life Award” here:

ABL’s “A Better Life Award” recognizes an individual who has made an active outbound effort to create a better life for themselves and the people in their lives.


A hardworking single dad who has utilized ABL to find a position with a flexible schedule so he could be there for his daughter in her formative years, support her as she attends university, as well as to create A Better Life for others in his community through his passion for Youth Sports and mentoring new employees.


A dedicated, heartfelt man who overcame personal difficulties and life’s obstacles to finally find his "perfect job match" and demonstrate that anyone can create A Better Life when they are embraced by caring people and make the most of the opportunities that come their way.


A passionate advocate for others who takes time to get to know the people she works with and the bigger picture affecting the companies she works at. She embraces the opportunity to create A Better Life right where she is in *this* moment, both for herself and the people around her.

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