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What has ABL done for you that no other supplier has done?

ABL has been able to provide associates that stay long term with the ability to grow with the company.

They have consistently delivered great standard of candidates to choose from: ABL genuinely cares about finding the right person for our business needs.  They keep in contact with us and their candidates: they’re very invested in making sure their candidates are doing ok long-term. ABL staff come to our facility in advance of offering the position to their candidates: they tour the facility and learn exactly how to promote it so the candidate so they knows what the role is all about.  As a result, their candidates arrive very prepared and there are no surprises. 

We don’t feel we are a number to ABL — we are an extension of a family working together.

Supervisor of Member Contact Services At A Call Centre

During the uncertain times of the covid-19 pandemic I have been so grateful to find ABL so that I could continue working. They placed me quickly and easily with a company that I have truly enjoyed working with for the last 4 months. Everyone at ABL has been friendly and easy to talk to, and the placement company has been flexible and understanding as I begin to go back to my previous employment. Overall, great experience.

Jessica B.

We are a meat-packing plant, and we came to understand that our existing staffing supplier was sending us undocumented workers, and was paying them cash “under the table”, putting US at risk of being solely liable for any Ministry Of Labour fines and penalties, not to mention Workplace Compensation claims. We called in ABL to help us immediately refill 40 positions with their staff, who are properly vetted, screened, and have all necessary documentation. All of this was done within 4 days, and allowed us to move forward confidently to focus on our own customers needs.

VP Of Human Resources At A Meat Processing Plant

I was given a bonus just for referring a friend of mine to work for ABL employment. ABL employment has helped me so much and the hours were amazing. They were very responsive and flexible with my availability. I suggest referring a friend also. Once the work a certain amount of hours you get a bonus!

Adrian D.
Cost effective just-in-time staffing:
“ABL understands what we need in order to be competitive in this market. They work with us to provide qualified people to help us ramp up for busy time or get last minute orders out the door to our clients. Whether it is 1 or 2 extra people last minute or staffing a whole shift during our peaks, ABL meets our needs and we then meet the needs of our customers. They are an excellent provider. We ask the impossible and they somehow seem to deliver. They perform miracles for us every day.”

Operations Manager with a Big-Box Distribution Company

A great way to learn new skills and create a future in a new country:
One of the best Employers in the town,
All most everyone stands besides you in your good or bad. Always ready to Help you, good weekly wages gives you a chance to plan your week. Understand your situation very quickly.
My journey with ABL is great, I never missed my happiness, my personal space, time & pay.
You can get free CSE training, Harness training and Height training which would look great on resume for the next job. And tie up training (at ABL’s premiere client company) also makes it even more qualified.
I got my new job because of all the training, experience with (ABL’s client companies) through ABL employment.
I would like to continue my journey with ABL as a part time or as a sub whenever possible or on call. It’s always great working with ABL, ABL helped me getting stable start in my new home, Canada. I learn many things and made many friends here.

ABL Employment! We are a family.

Milan C.
Knowledgeable, strategic, solutions-based staffing:
“When we had a large complex project that needed a comprehensive staffing solution, we called ABL. I was, quite frankly, astounded by how they found the people, coordinated training and transportation, deployed to various departments and followed up with all levels of our organization to ensure that everyone’s expectations were exceeded. They really know their business and how to make it work for us.”

Recruitment Manager, Technology Company

Impressive ongoing communications and responsiveness to changing requirements:

From the very first communication with ABL, I was impressed by the no-nonsense, pragmatic and realistic approach to modern day recruitment.  Coming from the UK with limited knowledge of best practice in Canada, the team were readily available to advise and recommend.

From the initial screening process to communications with the candidates, I could not fault the prompt and professional nature of the organisation.  I was particularly impressed when (I was) interviewing on a weekend that the team were at hand to answer questions and liaise with candidates should timings change.  Overall a seamless process, which is clearly a tried and tested successful model with a very impressive response rate. The team genuinely care about your recruitment needs and actually listen to your requirements. In particular, Sharon and Hayley have been fantastic.  Very impressed with everything, great job!

Franchisee, Retail Eyewear Store

A True Partner Who Takes The Time To Understand Your Unique Business Culture:
“ABL Direct has been our go-to recruitment firm for the past few years. The team at ABL Direct takes great interest in our organization, getting to know our people, work environment, and culture in addition to the role requirements in order to find the right fit. We are very pleased with the candidates we’ve hired with ABL Direct’s help and expertise.”

President, Industrial Valve Manufacturing Company
After-hours availability for client companies:
“I could not make it through my days without their friendly, motivated and effective personnel on the after-hours line. We are very reliant on ABL to assist us with our staffing needs. We have the highest regard for ABL. They come through when we are in need of staffing requests to be filled and respond promptly with updates and confirmations. The relationship and professionalism is exceptional.”

On-Call Dispatcher With A Global Quality Inspection Company

Very organized, they are well prepared, they always communicate They always have work. They pay accurately on time. Most important, they care, and treat you good.

Hashim A.

As a food and beverage manufacturer requiring GMP orientation for each employee beginning work at our production facility, we depended on ABL to administer, manage, and track that this documentation and training was in place for all our seasonal workers. Because ABL was able to do this from their own location, rather than have it done by my team onsite at the job, they saved us a ton of time and expense. It also helped keep our lunchroom free for our employees to use, because it wasn’t being booked every day for new employee orientations.                      

Production Manager At A Food Processing Facility

What would you say to to a Decision Maker  to convince them to consider partnering with ABL, even if they’ve worked with other agencies before?

You’ll find ABL to be very resourceful, reliable, dependable, and they have the utmost work ethic.

ABL is trustworthy.  ABL does not just send numbers — ABL is particular about preparing candidates, so they are prepared for success: They find gems for us.  ABL candidates have been so successful that many have moved up in the company.  We’ve experienced so much growth because of the caliber of candidates.  ABL is an asset to our company because they match you with individuals who want to grow and do their best.  ABL recruiters know exactly what I look for that in the caliber of people they are bringing in.

The communication is so transparent and real.  They are not false relationships.  ABL wants to fully understand how our company works, how we train and develop candidates that are brought in.  If something hasn’t been working they pick up the phone and share feedback too.  They also openly take feedback as to how to make things better.  They are an advocate to make sure everyone is looked after, candidate,  client  etc.  They remove the challenges and display true ownership of results. 

Supervisor of Member Contact Services At A Call Centre

Why do you continue to work with ABL when there are other suppliers out there?

ABL actually adapts to our business needs and are open to a re-negotiation of what is fair in the current market according to the skills and experience needed to get the job done.

When they send candidates, they are here to make a career.  The candidates present themselves as though they really want to be here and don’t have the attitude of this  “just being a temporary position”.

ABL helped us maximize the international worker /New Canadian stream: This allowed us to tap into a pool of determined, talented professionals from other countries with highly transferable skills for our market, and they have worked out very well for us.

Supervisor of Member Contact Services At A Call Centre

During the pandemic, why should a company consider ABL over another agency?

ABL has kept in contact with us the entire time.   Even while we were making tough decisions, including a transition to working from home, they have been very supportive.  They helped with everything and made it seamless.

If there is ever an opportunity to partner with ABL, I would FULLY recommend them.  They kept us informed for how to overcome certain things, especially pandemic related topics, where other agencies have abandoned us. Some of the resources they shared with us included:

  • Active Screening Processes & Checklists
  • Posters and checklists for proactive disinfecting PPE, common areas, and high-touch surfaces
  • Videos and how-to demonstrations on hand hygiene
  • Referrals to suppliers for additional PPE and physical distancing tools like plexiglass dividers
Supervisor of Member Contact Services At A Call Centre

I originally applied to a VP Operations role posted by ABL Direct. I received an immediate response from ABL once I sent my resume. ABL contacted me right away and explained that while my experience was not a match for the original role, I was a perfect match for a Senior Customer Service  Manager role with another client of theirs.  I feel that the immediate reach out I received, along with the thorough survey and interview that I engaged in at ABL Direct, helped me make the right career move for my experience, skills, and career goals. My application was thoroughly prepared by ABL for my interview, and I was hired on quickly for the Senior CSR Manager role at an excellent company.

Powerful recruiting techniques provide skilled people when others can’t:
“For our store renovation project, the chosen supplier really dropped the ball. We called ABL when we were at our wits’ end on the Friday afternoon before Labour Day long weekend, to see if they could help us with staff for Tuesday morning. Not only were they able to help us fill the 12 positions we needed, they ended up providing the majority of the people required for the rest of the 12 week project.”

Manager At A Large Retail Store
Communication approach to service:
“Jill spends a lot of time telling the employees what to expect before they come in. Then she talks to them after the shift and throughout the assignment. That really prevents problems and constant turnover. What a difference it makes. It totally changed our experience with using staffing firms.”

Shift Supervisor at a Fast Paced Manufacturing Company

Just like the global logistics industry, ABL never stops. Even through the pandemic they kept on moving as a business, shifting their strategy to service essential businesses with candidates. Once CERB launched, not many people would go into work. ABL created a roster of employees that we could call whenever we needed someone. An absolutely reliable and future-ready company.

Director Of Operations At A Global Logistics Service Company

The ladies at ABL Employment are welcoming, responsive and keen to place their candidates in the right roles. They communicate with us on an ongoing basis to ensure that we’re happy in our placements as well as the organizations they work with. Also, the ladies are quick to assist their candidates in particular problem areas that need to be solved right away as they’ve done with me in the past. They always make sure we’re happy and are the right fit in our roles. Overall, highly recommended!

Dwight A.

We’re a Pet Supply company that packages and ships kitty litter and wood shavings for small animal cages in a small town rural community. In addition to common allergies and the prevalence of dust in the environment, this resulted in a limited local candidate-pool. We partner with ABL because they work closely with us to provide before-dispatch orientations that include photos and videos, and detailed descriptions of the kinds of substances and materials that are found onsite, to help limit the number of people who turnover after the first day due to these common issues. ABL also coaches and counsels candidates on the importance of wearing PPE properly to help avoid common first week issues that were previously typical. Their initiatives help lower first week turnover, and the associated costs of constantly training replacements.

Department Manager At A Pet Supply Packing And Distribution Facility

I had a really great experience with ABL. I have dealt with many employment agencies and I found ABL to be the best of all. They not only found a job for me right away but also followed up to check if I was comfortable doing that job. I found that ABL appreciates and values your work. They always keep you updated on the new job openings. I really appreciate the help of Tyra (she is great!!)

Mitali C.

I have been working with ABL on and off since 2017, they are an amazing group of people who really work hard in getting you work, and care and value the relations they have with their employees. They allow flexible work hours and accommodate you, to their best ability and your schedule. I have worked with a few temp agencies in the past and by far this is the best! Would highly recommend them!

Elizabeth M.

Just had an online meeting with Petra. It was an interview but also a get-ta-know you. Petra was very easy to talk with and allowed me time to explain what my career expectations and goals are. I was totally impressed with her professionalism and attention. Since my availability is not immediate, she scheduled me in on the date that i had requested. So far I find that it is a professionally run company and highly recommend them.


As a client company of ABL Employment I am beyond impressed with how they service us. I have chosen to stay anonymous as we do have a backup agency as well but because of service ABL provides we never have to call them to help. ABL is always very polite no matter who I’ve talked with. They find us the best people for our jobs and always finding them on time. They offer other great services that I have never had with other agencies. Jennifer and Tom are such a delight to work with and have both been with ABL since we started working with them and can offer brilliant ideas to help when we feel needed. Very happy they are our staffing solution.

Anonymous Client Representative On Google Reviews

Excellent services!!! My first employer in Canada and I am pretty much satisfied and happy with their cooperation and consideration for every request of mine. I recommended this employment agency to everyone if you want quality work and flexibility in work schedule. Specially for students, they are really helping people.

Preet R.
Employee focused pricing policy gives cost effective productivity:
“This operation has a training curve so it takes a bit for the temporaries to become truly productive. ABL temporaries stay and are motivated, I think because they are paid fairly, yet ABL’s bill rate is very competitive.”
Operations Manager with Assembly Facility

A Critical Advisor For Your Long-term Hiring Success:

“Over the past five years, we have repeatedly partnered with ABL for our hiring needs.  The network the ABL team has across the US and Canada has been invaluable to us as we have grown our team size by almost 40%.  The team at ABL takes the time to listen to our needs, partners with us on crafting the correct job description and advises us on salary and benefits expectations in the ever changing job market. What truly sets ABL apart is that they have gone the extra mile to immerse themselves in the culture of our company so they can sell our core values and corporate culture to potential candidates.  The candidates that come through to us after ABL’s thorough vetting process meet (or exceed) the qualifications we are looking for.  We can’t say thank you to the ABL team enough for making what can be a long and arduous process a seamless and easy one.”

Director of Support Services, Construction & Property Management Company

Great Agency! I had the interview with Luis and even though they didn’t have a job to offer me right away, they called me a week after to offer me a great opportunity that I happily accepted. I am looking forward to working with ABL and future opportunities that they will have to offer!

Nancy C.
After-hours availability for ABL employees:
“ABL employees can call if a situation arises that prevents them from making it in to their shift. I come to work in the morning and a replacement is already on the way. I can’t afford downtime.”
Plant Manager with a Specialty Food Company

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