Strategies For Working Safely During The COVID-19 Pandemic

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Workplaces everywhere are looking into ways they can make their sites safer for their staff. This is particularly true for those companies who remain open as designated essential businesses. We’ve been talking to all of our client companies on a regular basis during this critical time, and some creative options have been implemented in various workplaces.

Here’s Some Of What Workplaces Are Doing:

  • Shortened shifts to minimize time at work – allow workers to take their lunch break at the end of the shift and just go home early. This helps to limit extended in-person encounters in high traffic areas like the lunchroom.


  • Additional shifts – spread the number of workers out over numerous shifts to help minimize contact

  • Scattered breaks – allow workers to take breaks at different times to maximize social distancing and avoid over-crowding in lunchrooms and washrooms

  • Extra sanitization – clean and disinfect common areas more often to reduce spread of germs

  • PPE disinfection – allow extra time at end of shift to clean and disinfect PPE. Have properly labelled disposal units/bins for one-time use equipment such as masks and disposable gloves. Have enough sanitizing products and post clear instructions on how to disinfect reusable equipment. Watch and share this presentation with your teams on how to do these things effectively:
Watch & share ABL’s SkillPass presentation: “Disinfecting PPE”:
We love this video from the BBC showing what physical distancing really looks like:


  • Floor markers – tape lines indicating 2 metre intervals to ensure social distance spacing
  • Place reminders on elevator doors to limit the number of riders at one time to maintain that 2 metre distance between people
  • Separate workers with cubicles where possible, usually in office or call centre environments, but some manufacturing facilities may be able to implement barriers in some cases, too.
  • Safe Practice Reminders – post bulletins and posters in common areas:
    You can DOWNLOAD some safety posters here:

What kinds of things are your workplaces doing to manage the COVID-19 physical distancing and hygiene issues? Let us know! Email our Occupational Wellness Manager, Carla and let’s get talking!



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