How weekly pay periods benefit employees and companies

The benefits of a weekly pay period on employee performance and mental health:

Financial insecurity is a major source of stress and anxiety for many people and can negatively impact mental health. A weekly pay period can have a positive impact by reducing economic insecurity and providing a sense of stability and control. This can be particularly important for staffing agency associates. Knowing that they are receiving a weekly income can help agency associates take better control of their lives and reduce their fears of financial instability.

This sense of predictability can improve attendance and retention rates on assignment. Additionally, ABL Employment offers the Quick Start Pay Program, which gives associates access to their first day’s pay as soon as their second day of work. This early access to their first pay allows our associates to manage the costs associated with starting a new job, such as transportation and personal protective equipment (PPE), without having to worry about how to pay for them.

By utilizing the weekly pay cycle, we not only contribute to a positive mental health outlook, but also improve our associates’ overall job performance. With less stress and more focus, our employees are better equipped to work safely and productively in the workplace, benefiting both our customers and our associates’ personal success.

In short, the mental health impact of the relatively simple solution of adopting a weekly pay period cannot be overstated.

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