Slow Interview Process Costing You Candidates? Here’s The Fix

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Is A Slow Interview Process Costing You The Candidates You Need?

If your hiring process uses a multi-stage approach (multiple interviews, qualifying testing, etc.) you may find that the current hiring market is moving so quickly that your preferred candidates are gone by the time you’re ready to make an offer.

Candidates at all levels of experience are telling us they are receiving multiple calls, emails, and offers for employment. Current job boards like Indeed, Zip Recruiter, and Kijiji make it easier than ever for candidates to be found by hiring managers and staffing firms. In the current employee market, candidates can passively “sit back and watch the offers roll in”.

Combined with “The Great Resignation”, occurring in most markets and all sectors after the pandemonium of a world-wide pandemic, a candidate who applies to your job posting today can already be off the market by tomorrow. THIS IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION… this is really happening in the employee market right now.

What if your hiring process requires a multi-stage approach: common in technical fields, or skilled areas? What barriers can you remove to getting your candidate through those stages as quickly as possible, before they receive another offer elsewhere?

If you’re working with a staffing firm like ABL, we’ve fine-tuned the process dramatically. Here are some of our top tips for streamlining your interviewing and testing process so you can “get to yes” faster:

Keeping the interviewing process moving smoothly so you don’t miss out on candidates:

  • Pre-set tentative interview slots/times that your recruiter knows in advance they can schedule candidates for.
  • Let your recruiter prescreen candidates’ availability for interview times, instead of doing this “back and forth” yourself.  
  • Let ABL know your ‘must have’ versus your ‘nice to have’ skills/experience for candidates, this way we do not eliminate candidates who might be a fit
  • Our clients have a lot of priority emails and calls, but while you’re outsourcing the screening process to us, you can’t afford to let taking our calls take a backseat in your call-back prioritization. Making calls from your ABL Recruiter a priority in your day helps us to get back to the preferred candidates to formalize an interview spot with you.

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