Staffing Agency – It’s Not Just About The Money Money Money

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Before Picking a Staffing Agency, SEE How They Connect Workers and Clients

When you’re searching for a quality staffing agency, it is important to not only consider the price, responsiveness and quality of recommendations although these qualities are paramount to achieving overall success.

To ensure you choose the best solution-based partner available, it’s also vital to consider how the staffing agency recruits and treats their workers and connect with clients.

Staffing agencies such as ABL Employment, strive to cultivate good relationships with workers, position themselves to offer better services and support to our client companies.

Look For These 3 Secret Key Indicators

1. Do they advocate for and market their workers’ skills?

  • Experienced staffing agencies recognize that when their applicants succeed, they succeed.
  • They’re confident in their workers’ skills, experience and passion.
  • They’re willing to ensure that the worker is a good fit for the position you offer.

At ABL Employment, our staffing team focus on working closely with our applicants and staff.

Building this relationship helps us ensure we recommend the best possible match between client and assignment employee every time.

2. Are they recognized for their work with clients and workers’ talent?

  • Great staffing agencies win awards for the work they do for their staff and clients.
  • Look for acclamations like the Best of Staffing award, which is based on feedback from clients and candidates.

ABL Employment has won various awards such as “BDO Business With Value” Award,  Burlington Chamber’s “Business Excellence Award” and more. Our clients and workers were both pleased with our work.

It’s an honor we work hard to maintain year after year. Learn more about our other accolades and affiliations.

3. How well do they communicate with clients and workers?

  • Communication is the life force of good recruiting. The best staffing agencies are responsive when clients have questions, and they also ask questions of their own.
  • Great staffing partners also stay in regular touch with their talent, sharing potential job openings and fielding questions.
At ABL Employment, we encourage both clients and staff to ask us questions and seek support. We are committed to responding with prompt and useful information with practical solutions.

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