Is Your Staffing Agency Compliant?

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 You trust your staffing service to handle important issues such as employee payroll, onboarding, and safety compliance orientation for the temporary staff that they provide you, and these services are part of what you pay for in your bill rate. But how can you be sure these things are happening behind the scenes, since you are not there to see it?

Here are our top questions to ask your staffing service: 

  • Are they insured? Do they have their own general liability insurance?
  • Are they making the applicable employer payroll contributions for worker’s compensation in your province/state? (WSIB premiums in Ontario; WCB premiums in British Columbia.)
  • Are they pay-rolling their employees out of pocket or are they corporately financed? If you have a sudden increase in staffing needs, will they be able to pay those employees properly, while they wait for you to pay their invoices?
  • Are they properly managing statutory holiday pay, vacation pay, overtime pay, etc.?
  • Are they orientating their employees on issues such as worksite violence and harassment?
  • Are they providing specialised orientation for Young and Vulnerable workers (those under 25) ?
  • Will they help you manage a worksite injury situation or claim?
  • Do they understand your worksite’s specific safety compliance requirements?

These questions are meant to be a jumping off point for your conversations with your staffing suppliers. We hope that they will inspire productive and insightful conversations at your next strategic planning meeting.

If you’re interested in understanding how ABL Employment addresses these topics for our client companies, contact us for your own free strategic meeting at or you can find the phone number for the closest ABL branch office here.

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