COVID-19 Safety: Parents and Workers Have Similar Concerns

COVID-19 Safety for Back to School on Yellow School Bus

As we plan for September 2020 return back to school, the ABL’s Occupational Wellness Manager, Carla Villalta, wants to support and share lessons learned from our safe and successful workplaces and clients.  

We are 6 months post pandemic declaration, and we have had many opportunities to grow and acclimatize to our new realities both as workers and as parents trying to help and support our children.

Questions About COVID-19 Safety

The same questions that have been asked by employees at their workplaces for the past 6 months can be transferred and asked to school administrators regarding the precautions they will be taking to prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading at their child’s school:

  • What steps has the school taken to help ensure the safety of students?
  • What training and education will be provided to the students and staff [teachers]?
  • What PPE will be provided by the school and what is the responsibility of the student to provide?
  • How will the school support the mental health of students?
  • Will any of the school’s safeguarding and bullying policies change once schools start to re-open to avoid stigmatization of children who are sick?
  • How can I support school safety efforts, including through parent-teacher committees or other networks.

COVID-19 Safety Online Resources & Information

UNICEF works with families and children around the world. Read their great blog covering how parents can help their children navigate their feelings during school re-openings. 

ABL has flexible work opportunities to support the employment needs for both our clients and our Assignment Employees as our children return to school, and during possible switches from in-class to virtual lessons at this time as well.  

Looking for more information about COVID-19 safety? ABL Employment has written a variety of blogs that may help you create a safer workplace for you and your employees. Here are three articles to help you get started:

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