First Aid Tips For Spring

First Aid Kit

Spring has sprung bringing time changes, changes in temperature, and changes in working environment (sometimes from inside to outside).

Learn to stay safe when doing those spring home improvement projects, prevent and treat burns when grilling on the BBQ, and find out how to administer first aid for scrapes and cuts for all our gardeners! And don’t forget about pesky insect bites!

Carla, ABL’s Occupational Wellness Manager, is a Red Cross Instructor, and she has developed short awareness training videos that provide useful and practical tips as well as links to the latest First Aid Apps including how to activate EMS using your cell phone locally.

In these workshops and webinars, we’ll talk about prevention, how to recognize an emergency and provide first aid for the top 3 conditions that can be affected during these changes as well as helping to provide first aid for minor injuries:
Do you know what to do to help yourself or others?

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This awesome app has information on the following topics and more:
1. Diabetes
2. Asthma
3. Allergies
4. Superficial burns – NEW
5. Wound care – NEW
6. Animal and Insect Bites – NEW

Contact Carla directly if you want help to make sure your first-aid box is well supplied DURING COVID-19 to respond quickly and confidently to injuries.

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