A better life award Finalists 2020

2020 Award Recipient

Kelly stands holding certificate and award trophy

Our 2020 A Better Life Award Recipient: Kelly (ABL Employment – New Westminster) 

Kelly walked into our recruiting office in 2018 with no email address, phone number, or resume. We worked with him over the next year or so, to try different assignments, and while he did really well at those jobs, they were not long-term fits. After a few months of not hearing from him, his recruiter ran into him at the train station, and they reconnected. In September 2020, we secured a placement for Kelly at one of our biggest clients where Kelly could commute easily –  unfortunately they soon moved their warehouse to a different part of town that was impossible to access by transit. But, through Kelly’s dedication, good nature, and excellent work ethic, he was able to connect with a team member he could car-pool with. It wasn’t long afterwards, when Kelly was able to secure a vehicle of his own, and was offered a permanent position at the client company. We are so proud of everything Kelly accomplished and how far he has come from his humble beginnings with us, to his established place with a growing company who appreciates him for his contributions and skills. We know you’ve already put that $1000 award to good use!

Profile photo of Leroy

2020 Award Runner Up: Leroy (ABL Employment – Milton) 

Leroy’s adult children sponsored his application to move to Canada from Jamaica in 2017. Despite the shock of the Canadian winters (“trust me, you never get used to them!” he says) and the challenge of being overlooked by other companies because of his “lack of Canadian work history”, he soon became one of ABL’s most reliable and frequently called on assignment employees at a number of our worksites. This hard working, persistent man, (known affectionately by his supervisors as “Mr Dependable”) has worked with ABL clients for over 3800 hours to date, and is currently in line to be hired on at his placement as soon as possible. When we asked what made him choose to work with ABL, he said “if you don’t work, you won’t eat!” and because ABL had taken a chance on him, he was going to do his best for us. A proud family man who doesn’t waste his time on workplace drama, he shows up on time, does his work to a very high standard, helps out where he can, and then goes home at night to embrace family time. You know that favourite sweater, mug or hat you have that you keep going back to? Leroy really has become that person for ABL and our clients, and we’re so proud that he’s chosen to work with us. Have fun spending your $250 award!

Profile photo of Barrie

2020 Award Runner Up: Barrie (ABL Employment – Woodstock) 

This baseball-loving, baby-rescuing, family man is just the kind of person we love having visit our office every week for pay day.  Barrie is a long-time associate of ABL and we’ve really formed a bond with him: We know he’s on 3 different baseball teams, that he adores sweatshirts from West-49, loves his children and that his favourite meal is a hamburger. Barrie has had to juggle some up and downs in life, but he’s never let these affect his positive attitude at work, where he is a respected mentor and trainer of all new employees in the driver department, and the right-hand man of the department supervisor. Even when there was an apartment fire at his home where he lost everything, he still showed up to work bringing his sense of empathy, and infectious optimism, which makes him a joy to work with and be around. Barrie’s supervisors describe him as someone who helps make their lives better, because he is first to raise his hand to help or fill in a shift when someone is absent – his flexibility and knowledge of all the delivery routes has made him an indispensable team member and mentor to new employees. Have fun spending your $250 award!

What Is The ABL “A Better Life Award”?

You can watch ABL’s founder and president, PJ Ferguson, explain the concept around the “A Better Life Award” here:

ABL’s “A Better Life Award” recognizes an individual who has made an active outbound effort to create a better life for themselves and the people in their lives.

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