5 Covid Risk Factors That Can Lead To Heat Stress

setting sun

Many regions in Canada are experiencing prolonged hot and humid weather this summer.

This coincides with workplaces reopening after prolonged Covid shutdowns and results in higher than normal rates of heat stress symptoms cropping up amongst returning workers.

Some of the reasons for this include:

  1. Workplaces closed temporarily – resulting in physical deconditioning of worker fitness.
  2. Worker has been out of the work environment for more than 1 week due to prudent self-isolation from possible Covid exposures or caring for sick loved ones or children out of school.
  3. The PPE required for COVID-19 (plastic gowns and gloves) is something that takes getting used to
  4. Work rates and workload is increased due to fewer workers being available due to a number of factors.
  5. Longer shifts during hot work environment because the heat lasts longer in the day than usual.
To help our client companies and community partners reinforce safe work practices during this extended heat season, we’ve curated a number of poster resources and an information package on identifying, preventing and addressing signs of heat stress in workers.
Take a look! 

Three OSHA Heat Stress Prevention Posters

Working Safely Outdoors During Covid Poster


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