How NOC B Eligible Positions Connect Jobseekers With Growing Companies

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We all know there’s a wonderful, eligible, and engaged workforce out there which includes people who are new to the country and working hard to complete their Permanent Residency applications. With this in mind, there can be benefits to both jobseeker and employer in identifying those jobs that meet the NOC B and above requirements, so they can find one another.

This also happens to be an area that ABL Employment excels at: we have experience bringing these skilled NOC B (and above) jobseekers together with great companies looking to fill vacant positions in their facilities.

How does this information help job-seekers and employers match up?

PR applicants are highly motivated to find and enter into employment relationships with companies that offer NOC B or higher positions with long term potential, as this will help these would-be Canadians to secure enough eligible work hours to include in their permanent residence applications. These positions offer the jobseeker a pathway to meeting their PR goals, as well as helping companies fill vacant positions with highly motivated, reliable workers who bring the talent, skill, and outlook of someone who is here to prove themselves and build a life in Canada.

What is a NOC B classified position?

NOC stands for “National Occupational Classification”. “NOC B” positions are considered “Skill Level B”, and are usually technical jobs and/or skilled trades that typically call for a college diploma or training as an apprentice.

Find out what your job’s NOC is by visiting this link:

Why are these positions attractive to new Canadians working on their Permanent Residence Applications?

In order to have their Canadian work history count as part of their application for permanent residency, PR applicants must show that their employment was/is within a “NOC B” or higher category job, such as Skill Level A (professional occupations) or Skill Level 0 (managerial occupations).

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