What We Can Do For New Immigrants To Canada

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Contributed by: Rose M, from Team ABL

At ABL we know that Canadians come from all over the world, and we want to say “Welcome to Canada”, we are so honoured that you chose us!

Emigrating is one of the most difficult and costly decisions you will ever make in your life. We know that in many ways, your new life will have cost you your old life, and we want to help you be successful in Canada. We know that your journey is just beginning and the road is full of obstacles: let us help.

Canada is full of opportunities, ‘though they are not always in plain sight. ABL has hundreds of client companies all over Canada, and these companies need you! We can connect you with top global and Canadian companies. Every week we have hundreds of candidates working in temporary and permanent roles at these companies.

Canadian companies tend to value Canadian experience above all else.  Yes, we know, how are you supposed to get experience without experience? This is were we fit in. We take into consideration international experience, life experience, and we identify the potential in every candidate. 

We want to be part of your first step entering into the Canadian workplace. Why? Because we believe in you, and everybody needs a start. New immigrants are determined, dedicated, and eager to prove themselves. This makes them, and people like you, very attractive candidates.

We see your bravery; we know you’re up for an adventure. Let’s apply that pioneer spirit to your job search! We have opportunities that span many sectors, and while some of these opportunities may not be in your specific industry at first, you came to this great country to make a life and a career for yourself, and this costs money.  Let us help you generate some income, and let’s help you fund the initial start up costs of settling in your new country. 

Temporary work can be a great way to stem the tide of outgoing expenses, (Like getting a bus pass and cellphone plan so you can get to more job interviews!)  and acclimate you to the Canadian workplace. You’ll get to meet some new people and start networking!

We aim to provide a truly candidate-centric experience, we provide financial incentives and practical solutions to help you get to work. We run monthly employee recognition programs for gif card prizes, and other bonus, and we’re always available to offer practical professional advice on applications and resumes.

Check out our job board here and let’s get you started on the path to your first Canadian Job!

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