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Occupational Wellness Manager At ABL Employment

Carla has over 20 years’ experience working with a variety of organizations providing expert advice relating to health and safety issues as well as Vocational Rehabilitation to both associates and client companies. As a certified National Red Cross First Aid Trainer, Carla is passionate about developing innovative and proactive programs to promote workplace safety and wellness and, in true ABL spirit, “A Better Life” for everyone at our client companies.

ABL’s Occupational Wellness Manager Specializes In:

• Working with companies to design and deploy safety awareness and workplace wellness campaigns that studies prove have positive impacts on injury and accident claims, attendance and retention rates, etc.

• Hot off the press for COVID-19:  Free for a limited time – we are offering the Red Cross “Preventing Disease Transmission” (PDT) course which is designed to help organizations meet public health guidelines: LEARN MORE OR SIGN UP HERE 

• Supporting workplace staff in completing documentation and investigation required in the event of workplace accident or injury, violence and harassment e.g. incident reports, Form 8’s, etc.

• Developing and implementing Integrated Workplace Accommodation policies and procedures in accordance with Human Rights and Worker’s Compensation Boards.
This includes designing “Early and Safe Return to Work plans” with lighter/alternative duties based on medical advice that support the healing and recovery process for injured workers that allow them to continue to contribute to, and participate in, the team dynamic and goals at the workplace.

• Prepares and analyzes disability data and provides recommendations to reduce disability costs – let’s look at your KPIs and develop a strategy for safe and productive work!

• Provides consulting services to client companies across a broad spectrum of disability management issues with the goal of helping to prevent occupational claims and to improve claims incidence, duration and costs, in order to have a direct impact on profitability and safe work cultures.

• Facilitating interactive training and education programs, both in-person, in real-time virtual sessions,  and pre-recorded online lessons, that offer skills-development opportunities to management and employees that increase levels of critical thinking to work safely, increase compliance, and improve overall mental and physical wellness in the workplace. This in turn translates into increased productivity, employee retention, and overall workplace wellness.

Current training offerings available from ABL’s Occupational Wellness Manager:


The Red Cross “Preventing Disease Transmission” (PDT) course is designed to help organizations meet public health guidelines. For a limited time at no cost, ABL Employment is able to offer this course to our valued clients as part of our collective need to safeguard a safe workplace for all.

The Canadian Red Cross “National First Aid Certification” course that meets the criteria for workplace first aider’s across Canada.

ABL’s free SkillPass training on our Youtube channel: a self-paced learning program offering pre-recorded webinar presentations covering a host of health, safety, and wellness topics

• OWM will develop a new session topic specific to your needs,  teach on site at your workplace or virtually present any of the topics in our SkillPass series.

What can ABL’s Occupational Wellness Manager Do For Your Organization?

Let’s have an open safety dialogue to promote safety for temporary workers and all workers, highlighting prevention, with a focus on supporting your organization’s goals of building a safer and more productive workplace for everyone.

Carla would love the opportunity to speak with you about what her role as Occupational Wellness Manager can do to make your life easier, and support your organization’s goals of building a safer and more productive workplace for everyone.

Carla can be reached at carla@ablemployment.com

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