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infographic about safety culture factors

An important measure of your company’s safety culture is management’s commitment to maintain a balance between safety and productivity.

Below is a quick way to assess this aspect of your company’s safety culture. Read the statements below and find the one that best describes your company:

  • Extreme: Productivity is the only concern. Safety costs money and the only important issue is avoiding extra costs.
  • Reactive: Saving money by cost-cutting is important but money is spent to make the safety improvements to comply with legal requirements. Continuing operations is priority number one.
  • Calculative: It is not clear how safety and productivity are balanced. Line staff spends most time on operational issues. Line managers know how to say the right things, but do not always do what they say they should do, especially if it costs money.
  • Proactive: The organization tries to make safety a top priority while understanding that it contributes to productivity. The organization is quite good at combining productivity and safety and accepts delays to get workers up to safety standards.
  • Generative: Management believes that safety improves productivity, so balancing safety and productivity is a non-issue. The organization’s plan includes time and resources to get workers up to safety standards.


  1. Identifies your company as a business with values.
  2. Radiates company pride throughout the organization.
  3. Constant acknowledgment of safety goals reduces accidents and injuries.
  4. Increases productivity.
  5. Workers who perceive management to be committed to safety engage in more safety-related behaviours and less risk-taking behaviours.

Improve your safety culture by analyzing and improving on the below factors:


At ABL, the relationships we have developed with employees, clients, and business partners are paramount in founding a workforce culture that embraces the importance of establishing safe-work policies that transcend into overall occupational wellness for all.

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