How Your Company Can Prepare for the Ontario Minimum Wage Increase on October 1st, 2015

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  • REVISE your budget plans to accommodate upcoming* annual wage increases.
  • REVIEW which job descriptions will be affected by the October 1st increase – both minimum wage jobs and those close to minimum wage.
  • PARTNER with a staffing company who understands the challenges in retaining your employees who will no longer be making more than minimum wage after October 1st.
  • PROACTIVELY EDUCATE your current employees and customers on how this minimum wage increase will affect them.
  • REASSESS the impact that low unemployment rates in your region ** have on recruiting & retention plans with your staffing partner at regular intervals, particularly in light of the October 1st minimum wage increase.

Contact us if you have questions about how ABL Employment is helping its client companies manage the changes and challenges the increase in minimum wage presents to Ontario businesses.

Read the full article from the Ontario Ministry of Labour:

** Unemployment Rates In Your region:
The low unemployment rate directly impacts your company’s ability to attract and retain available and qualified workers.

Read the full article from the Ontario Ministry of Labour:

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