How to Prepare for Ministry of Labour Inspections This Fall

Stick figures demonstrating slips, trips, and falls

The Ministry of Labour (MOL) regularly visits worksites to conduct Occupational Health and Safety inspections. They recently announced their latest schedule, which shows that they will be conducting safety blitzes again this fall – so it’s important to be prepared!

For example: some of the most common workplace injuries are slips, trips, and falls. Many workplaces can do more to recognize and control the hazards to ensure the worksite is safer and more productive.

During the blitz in 2016, over 1,400 industrial worksites were visited and 4,400 orders were issued with over 160 Stop Work orders.

Inspectors visiting workplaces in the industrial sector looked for hazards that could cause same-level falls, as well as falls from heights, ladders, mobile ladder stands, and platforms.

The TOP 4 issued orders involved failing to:

  • Ensure the safety of floor surfaces
  • Ensure safe material handling
  • Condition of a portable ladder
  • Provide adequate guardrails

Hint: Most workers will clean up a spill, but reporting the hazard can prevent recurrences.


  1. Understand the causes of slips, trips, and falls. See our previous article on strategies to prevent slips, trips, and falls.
  2. Learn from last year’s blitz results.
  3. Conduct a hazard assessment and implement a plan of action. Compile an inventory of locations, work practices, and equipment that could pose a risk of injury. Know where the hazards are and start controlling them.
  4. Educate workers. Display a slips, trips, and falls poster – click here to download a FREE poster for worker safety boards! Add prevention strategies to pre-shift and toolbox talks before, during and after the blitz. This will encourage people to work safely and alert their supervisor to any hazards they encounter.

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