The Right Way to Recruit

Companies can no longer rely on traditional methods when it comes to recruiting new employees. In today’s highly competitive recruiting market, ordinary written job postings just don’t cut it. We’ve entered an era of creative competition among employers. Not sure what that means, exactly? It means that in order to attract candidates, employers need to create job postings that are eye-catching and comprehensive. Here are some tips to help you better your recruiting techniques:

Get Creative

The most successful recruiters think outside of the box. Using creative methods to spread the word about job openings is the newest way to build hype and capture the attention of top candidates. To garner publicity for new positions, some companies have used social media campaigns, contests or YouTube videos. For example, ABL Employment places job openings on YouTube and Facebook!

Make them work for it

To help you better determine which candidates are the best of the best, try adding an extra element in the application process between resume submission and one-on-one interviews. Assigning potential candidates a small writing assignment or asking their opinion on some industry-related issue could help you separate the duds from the doers. Not only will extending the application process determine which candidates are willing to go the extra mile, but it will also help you to get to know your potential candidates. After all, a fitting personality is just as important as skills and qualifications when it comes to finding the right candidate!

Hire a Recruiting Agency

Recruiting new employees is a demanding and time-consuming process. If you’ve got other duties to worry about, you won’t be able to devote as much time or attention as you should to staffing issues. To make sure you don’t end up with an employee who doesn’t quite fit the bill, you might consider hiring an employment agency like ABL Employment. We’ll take care of the entire recruiting process for you—job postings, applicant search, resume selection, interviewing, checking references, etc. That way, you can focus on what you do best while we do the same.

Next time you’re looking for new employees, why not skip the stress? Contact ABL Employment for more information on recruiting and staffing services.

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