Safety Tips for Surviving the Final Stretch of Winter

There are conflicting predictions from Canada’s two most famous forecasting groundhogs, with Wiarton Willie indicating an early spring while Shubenacadie Sam predicting six more weeks of winter. During the last stretch of winter, it is still important for our employees who work outdoors to stay safe.

Here are our top 3 tips to keep outdoor employees safe and healthy during cold weather:

DRESS FOR SUCCESS: Keep the body warm and dry by wearing natural fibres and insulating clothing in multiple layers.

STAY HYDRATED: Drinking and eating warm foods, soups, and drinks helps the body stay hydrated.

STRETCH: Before, during and after work, stretching helps to keep our bodies limber, avoid cramps, and maintain circulation to our hands and feet.

With these 3 simple tips, workers can tolerate the cold and be well while working outdoors. Click HERE to download a free copy of the printable poster for your safety boards, or contact Carla, ABL’s Occupational Wellness Manager at to receive an email attachment.

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