Companies: You are right… But do you know just how right you are?

Using a staffing service IS a good idea. But for more than one reason.

A reputable, collaborative staffing company is more than just an “order filler”.

Here are some of the reasons companies like yours utilize ABL Employment Inc. as their strategic staffing partner:

If you are a business manager or owner, your schedule is already jam-packed. You are so busy taking care of all the things that keep your business running smoothly, that it is difficult to find the time to hire new employees. When you take advantage of the services offered by ABL Employment, we handle the steps in the hiring process. Because we maintain databases of employees to fill the needs of a variety of clients companies, we will be able to find you new staff members quickly, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best running your business.

Less Expensive:  
It takes many “man-hours” and often hundreds if not thousands of dollars to design and place advertisements, gather, sort and screen resumes, schedule and conduct interviews, and orientate new employees. After meeting with ABL Employment’s service team to discuss your requirements, we can oversee this process for you. It’s quicker, easier and more cost effective for you to leave this process to us: our teams are trained to identify and screen for suitable candidates in a variety of skill areas. Additionally we already have a wide network of sources we use to recruit from – proven, cost-effective sources. And because ABL Employment is the employer of record, we pay all statutory deductions inclusive of all applicable insurances and vacation pay.

Improve Productivity:  
When you’re short staffed, the rest of your team suffers.  Decreases in morale, resentment and exhaustion from putting in too many extra hours: all these things often lead to increased absenteeism, leaving you even more short-handed. When a company properly communicates to their existing staff their plans and reasons for bringing in a staffing service to supplement the regular workforce, the “full-timers” are better prepared and motivated to encourage and develop the new team members, thus improving productivity right from the beginning.

Try Before You Buy: 
Have you ever calculated the cost of laying off an employee who wasn’t a good fit? When you hire someone full time right away, instead of through a staffing service, you could potentially end up paying out thousands of dollars because of a bad hiring choice. Using a staffing service like ABL Employment dramatically lowers this risk because we work closely with the client company, and the assignment employee to monitor the progress and feedback of both parties as the assignment progresses. This allows us to identify and solve issues quickly and effectively, before too much time has elapsed.

Increase Flexibility: 
Many companies have a seasonal peaks and valleys in their production and distribution cycles. When you have a mature relationship with a Staffing service like ABL Employment, we endeavour to learn as much about your business needs as we know about our own, so we can develop a proactive staffing plan for your busy seasons. This will allow us to recruit in advance for your anticipated peak times, securing the best available talent in your market. And when the time comes for the slowdown periods, we are able to work closely with the associates to help them move fluidly into other assignments.

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