9 Workplace Harmony Hacks For Keeping Workers Happy and Productive

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Nothing makes a manger’s job easier than a happy and productive team of workers. But sometimes it does not always work out that way. When morale goes down, then so do the daily production numbers your team is able to produce. So how can we make sure that we have a happy and productive workforce?

Here are the TOP 9 Workplace Harmony Hacks:

  1. Make sure that your workers (new or experienced) know their job responsibilities and the corresponding success criteria. Ensure you have given them the proper tools to do their work efficiently.
  2. Motivate not argue: You workers will respect you more if you motivate them.
  3. Listen to complaints your workers have. These are moments of opportunity that you can use to make your work place better.
  4. ALWAYS ensure that you have a safe environment and if anything is questionable, make a point of fixing it immediately.  
  5. Give appropriate breaks for the workload the employee has to deal with. It has been proven if you have proper breaks your workers will get more done in a shorter time frame.
  6. Having a productivity bonus helps workers stay focused and motivated to reach the goals of the day.
  7. Have health and nutrition talks to explain how staying hydrated (especially on hot days) and eating the right foods will keep their bodies feeling better and less sore.
  8. Outsource extra work to your local staffing agency where they can give you professional advice on how to deal with times of spiked demand and shortage of quality workers.
  9. Consider attendance bonuses in a form of bus or gas cards, so that you are rewarding your employees for showing up on time and in turn helping them with money to get to work.

If you implement some of these hacks into your daily management routine and strategies, you’ll start to see a nice culture change, increased productivity and overall happier workers at your place of work! 

Written by Alexander Borsos
ABL Employment

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