Things You Should Know Before Working in a Warehouse

Ever wondered what it’s like to work in a warehouse? Warehouse workers are responsible for ensuring the timely delivery of warehouse products. They perform an array of functions such as packing, stacking, weighing, labeling and hauling boxes for shipping. It’s a career that’s open to anyone, but it’s not suitable for everyone. If you’re organized, have great physical fitness and work well in teams, then a warehouse job could be the right one for you. Keep reading as we uncover the top things you need to know before working in a warehouse.

The Different Types of Warehouse Jobs

When it comes to warehouse employment, there’s no shortage of positions. From forklift operator and management, to computer systems analyst and data management, the education and skills required are as varied as the jobs themselves.

To qualify for a position as a forklift operator, which involves moving materials from one place to another with a powered industrial truck, you’ll need to complete a safety course and obtain a forklift license. Working as a computer system analyst or data manager on the other hand, requires a high school diploma, knowledge of computer-related software, or at least two years of warehouse experience.


Organizing product in a way that it can be found is critical for warehouse success. That’s because warehouses serve as the central storage facility for numerous companies with goods to sell. Without proper organization, delivery of products to customers risk being delayed or damaged.

As a warehouse associate, you’ll be spending most of your days handling incoming and outgoing deliveries and keeping an accurate inventory of what’s in the warehouse. You’ll also be responsible for making shipment arrangements, filling in shipment forms, checking merchandise for damage, issuing invoices, labeling packages, and taking any necessary corrective measures, so great organization will be an asset.


Having a basic understanding of common computer programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel will always stand you in good stead. You don’t have to be a computer whiz, but it won’t hurt to be familiar with various applications, electronic databases and scanners that help keep track of items, shipments, and other important information. This will help you to stay one step ahead when it comes to researching job records, data entry to record the movement of goods or print labels and product-related reports.


Working in a warehouse requires physical strength and stamina. You’ll have to get used to being on your feet all day, enduring long hours of standing, hand-lifting cargo, walking long distances, operating heavy equipment and bending for long periods of time. While some of the activity will be performed with a machine, you should also be prepared to lift some large objects without causing injury to yourself.


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