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What You Should Know Before Starting a Forklift Job

What You Should Know Before Starting a Forklift Job

Looking for a new and exciting career as a forklift operator? If you’ve never been behind the wheel of a forklift and you’re curious about getting your feet wet in this challenging role, then keep reading! In this article, we tell you everything there is to know about forklift jobs and the important role it plays in the logistics and distribution industry. Read on for more!

It's Nothing Like Driving a Car

As a forklift operator or driver, you’ll be moving materials from one place to another using a powered industrial truck. To the casual observer, it may look as easy as driving a car, but there’s a lot more complexity and skill involved in this very important role in the supply chain process.

Unlike cars, forklifts are steered by their rear wheels, because the front wheels bear the load of whatever is being carried.  It’s imperative to your safety, the safety of your coworkers, and the overall efficiency of your workplace that you have full training and operate the forklift correctly. For example, to operate a forklift in Ontario, you will need training to become certified and comply with specific Ontario Health and Safety Act guidelines.

Always Put Safety First

Forklifts are huge machines with several moving parts and considerable power, so putting safety first will always take priority! This means you will need to follow safety standards and procedures to avoid causing or being involved in an accident. Keep your focus, be aware of your surroundings, and always be alert and ready to act if something out of your control occurs. Show you take safety seriously by wearing a hardhat, a bright coloured vest or shirt and shoes with reinforced toes on your first day on the job.

Be Prepared to Work in Different Environments

Forklift operators work in a variety of industries, such as manufacturing and warehouse facilities, dockyards, factories, construction, general storage, and food services. Wherever products are stored on pallets or stacked on industrial shelving and need to be moved, that’s where a forklift operator will be. You might work outside in extreme temperatures and depending on the kind of materials you’re moving you could find yourself around harmful chemicals, loud noises, odors or fumes. Part of learning to be a forklift operator is learning about how to safely manage those kinds of situations and products in a way that will keep you, the workplace, and the inventory out of harm’s way.

Stay Organized and Manage Inventory

Organizational skills are an asset in any employee, and this is especially true for forklift operators. Forklift operators will be responsible for maintaining correct inventory and ensuring every load is where it needs to be. They’ll also need to devise a strategy to load and unload materials to ensure all operations run smoothly and efficiently.

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