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Your Introduction To ABL Services

abl employment graphicsABL Employment  provides staffing, recruiting & consulting services
to the following industries:

  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing, including Automotive
  • Production
  • Call Centres
  • Office Support
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Cannabis Sector
  • Retail Sector
  • And more!

Some of the positions we’ve filled include:

  • General Labourers & Cleaners
  • Packagers, Assemblers, & Labellers
  • Forklift Operators
  • Machine Operators
  • Merchandisers
  • Administrative staff
  • Team Leads & Supervisors,
  • Operation Managers,
  • Marketing personnel
  • Bilingual candidates: French, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, & more!
  • Customer service reps
  • And more! Just ask!

multi colour puzzle piecesWhether it’s temporary, temp to perm, accelerated hire, direct hire, contract, etc., we are the company who will work with you for the best fit for your company.

1) Temporary & Temp to Hire: An easy and integrated hiring solution with proven results!

Utilized by the majority of ABL customers and we are proud of it!  Over 80% of all types of our client companies utilize temp-to-hire as their method of finding employees who are the right fit and have demonstrated commitment to their company. 

2) Direct Hire:

This solution is best suited to an executive level position. A one-time fee is charged, based on a percentage of the salary offer made to the candidate. A replacement guarantee is included in this solution. ABL utilizes our extensive North American network to attract and present candidates for these specialized roles. 

3) Accelerated Hire: Comprehensive way to match absolutely the right hire for your company!

From manufacturing and logistics, to office, call centre and retail,  this method is preferred by ABL client companies who want all parts of the hiring process from attraction to formal offer handled to ensure the best candidate is captured by the company. It works particularly well for entry-level to mid-range salaried positions. This solution includes a built-in guarantee, and the candidate immediately joins your company payroll.   A weekly rate will be billed over a period of 13 weeks. This option will allow you to attract people who are already working, and to better retain the employee, as they are directly working for you.

4) Custom Hire Solutions: Cost-effective method to attract the complete pool of available candidates for your senior level position!

This unique solution is an ideal customized solution for ABL SME customers to maximize the attraction capabilities for VP and Director level positions while promoting their company brand and controlling the hiring process.

5) Pre-Hire Screening: Flexible method to ensure benchmarked, standardized skill level hires to departments with defined success matrix.

Large national call centres, healthcare facilities and leading service enterprises are just a few of the ABL client organizations that have deployed standardized screening for their large volume hiring solutions.

6) Service Solutions:

  • Pre Hire Screening Services:  attraction campaigns, resume screening, prescreening, references, skill testing, criminal checks,
  • Post Hire Support Services: Orientations and onboarding support, payrolling, managed services/projects, timekeeping,

Companies looking for general labour employees, light industrial, warehousing or clerical, supervisors, human resources, marketing, admin, merchandising want to learn about ABL Companies because:

We take the time to select just the right individual for your needs carefully.

  • 81% of our clients now use us as their sole supplier, where previously they used several suppliers
  • In one case, as much as 75% of a full-time company workforce started as an ABL associate

Whether you need two people or 200 people we can quickly deliver.

  • We have placed as many as 200+ qualified individuals as quickly as two days’ notice
  • Our employees answer the phones from 6:30a – 11:00p ET

Our expertise with general labour and proactive strategies can save you money.

  • Our strategies have resulted in some clients saving 10% of their annual spending to more than half-million dollars. From the world’s largest online and brick and mortar retailers to locally owned family businesses, we deliver our service with your goals and satisfaction in mind. It’s why the large majority of our clients choose us as their sole or primary supplier.

You should speak with us because we’ve been able to make strategic recommendations in staffing that not only provide more efficiency in the workflow but also because we have been able to deliver our clients significant savings.

For one client our recommendation, that they or other suppliers hadn’t thought of previously saves them $15,000/month. There are many other examples to share too.


Read more in-depth ABL case studies here


Our Occupational Wellness Manager: “Your safe work record + our employee’s safety = my #1 priority”

Carla Villalta has over 20 years’ experience working with a variety of organizations and provides expert advice relating to health and safety issues to our associates and client companies. She is passionate about developing innovative and proactive programs to promote wellness and, in true ABL spirit, “A Better Life” for our clients and candidates.

  • Carla is a certified Red Cross First Aid Trainer, and as such, can offer our clients onsite training for their staff. Contact us for more info on this.
  • Carla can help you create a return-to-work program for your workplace, and has extensive experience as a rehabilitation consultant and disability counsellor
  • Carla is continually developing training presentations, handouts, videos, and webinars that cover timely topics touching on workplace wellness, injury management, and disciplinary guidance for a myriad of issues. If you need any help tackling a sensitive topic onsite at your facility, Carla can be a wonderful complimentary resource to your team 

Extensive National & International Staffing Network with People 2.0 :

We have a national network of staffing companies located across Canada, the US, and beyond, because of our membership with People 2.0. This membership gives us the ability to seamlessly partner with other independant staffing companies located in areas we do not have a physical presence, while keeping billing and service relationships streamlined for our customers. Please reach out to us to discuss how we can help you in your service area.

We personally service companies in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Alberta. With our proficiency in virtual and remote recruiting, we can service any area or territory our clients need us to. In addition, we have recruiting locations physically present in the the following districts:

  • Greater Vancouver Area: 
    New Westminster
  • South Western Ontario:
    London, Woodstock, Stratford
  • Greater Toronto Area:
    Hamilton, Burlington, Milton, Mississauga, North York, Etobicoke

We also have a national network of staffing companies located across Canada, the US, and beyond, because of our membership with People 2.0. This membership gives us the ability to seamlessly partner with other independent staffing companies located in areas we do not have a physical presence, while keeping billing and service relationships streamlined for our customers. Please reach out to us to discuss how we can help you in your service area.

  • Privately Owned and Operated: This allows us to be flexible and adaptable. It makes us more nimble and responsive to changing market conditions, and our customers’ changing needs.
  • Foundation Principles: All 7 of our Foundation Principles portray our commitment to creating a business with value, through all actions and interactions, by demonstrating strong business ethics, care and concern for our candidates, and a commitment to help our customers and peers be successful.graphic of stylized human figures holding hands in a circle
  • Hours of Operations: We don’t just operate “9 ’til 5”: we have a dedicated in-house after hours team that will take your calls evenings and weekends, because emergency staffing issues don’t always arise in typical office hours!
  • Industry specialists: we have dedicated industrial and administrative divisions, which allows us to properly focus on these specialties separately, while still being able to cross-service companies who require both by keeping everything “in-house”.
  • Frontline Management: our senior management team have over 100 years combined industry experience, and whether branch managers, VP’s or owners,  are all hands-on and involved with the frontline staff and our client companies.
  • Awards & Accolades: We’ve appeared on PROFIT 500/Growth 500 and PROFIT W100 lists many times,  we received the 2016 Burlington Chamber Of Commerce “Business Excellence Award”, and we are a certified WBE Canada company (Women Business Enterprise). Find out more about our awards and affiliations here:
  • Embracing and maximizing new technology: we dedicate time and financial resources to understanding and incorporating technology that will better help us attract and retain candidates: whether texting (the most common form of communication for people under 45), to online interviews in remote areas, to online documentation updates and testing, we are continually embracing technology that will help us make the best matches for our clients and candidates, while saving them time and money.
  • Employee Recognition Programs: Our candidates are integral to both ABL  and our client companies’ success. We invest in initiatives  that celebrate them: from our Quick Start Pay Program, to monthly gift card lucky draws, to free skills development in our SkillPass program, to our Referral Bonus, and our annual A Better Life Award program, which involves our clients and community partners in the selection process. Learn more about it here:
  • Our Home-Grown Resources: Our website’s blogs and articles around current legislative changes, current hot topics in the industry, market analysis, and employee surveys, all help our client companies stay informed about real-world staffing concerns and topics that affect their daily operations. Take a look here:
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