Cargojet $25 Same Day Referral Bonus

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If you are receiving this link, you are currently working, or scheduled to begin work at CARGO JET at the Mount Hope Airport.


These are exciting times for CARGO JET, and ABL Employment as you are now part of a team that will be responsible for putting smiles on so many faces this holiday season as millions of packages get moved across the country!

Young woman looking excited and smiling broadly

The RAMP department is in need of more help!  REFER A FRIEND, and have them complete their registration/interview – and we will pay you $25.00 the same day!  Now, if that friend stays around with you and works for 80 hours – we will pay you another $100.00!  Just in time for Christmas!

Once you refer a friend, call in to the ABL office to confirm that they have completed their registration and interview – and we will pay you $25.00 on the same day.

Refer 5 people, and they all register and interview on the same day? – we will pay you $125.00 on the same day!


If you have any questions – please call the ABL office at 905.547.7050


Best regards, 

Sharon, Katelyn, and Kassie 

ABL Hamilton Office Team