How Ai Technology In The Recruiting World Benefits ABL Companies

Artificial Intelligence Technology Has Changed The Way Employee Engagement And Recruitment Works Forever

ABL has recently made a significant investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) recruiting technology: this makes us a leader AI Recruitment Trends in the Canadian recruitment/staffing market. This AI tech simultaneously allows us to offer you, our client company contacts, a more nuanced communications/resource offering, so when you receive communication updates from our Comms Team, you know it will be relevant to your business world.


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These are some of the results ABL was able to achieve for our clients and candidates in only 6 months of using our new AI technology to augment our recruiting and onboarding processes.​

Why use AI Tech in recruiting?

This AI technology is incredibly robust: it will primarily increase our engagement with our candidates, by initiating a reach-out from us within 30 minutes of applying, making it possible to complete preliminary screening questions to immediately understand their skills and preferences. In this way, we are able to more quickly attract, capture, screen, and match the best candidates for your company’s available positions. The faster we are able to engage active people, instead of spending critical time on chasing down passive candidates, the faster our skilled recruiters and staffing experts can have the comprehensive, personal interviews to match the most motivated and qualified candidate to your available position! Learn more here about how AI is revolutionizing the recruiting world. 

"Adopting AI in recruiting is not about removing human analysis and human interaction; it's about streamlining the manual administrative processes that usually take time away from recruiters having skillful, nuanced conversations with appropriate candidates."

AI Recruitment Trends from ABL Employment

Once a candidate accepts a position at one of our customers, we’re able to keep them warm and engaged while they are waiting for the start date to arrive, and to be more responsive to their progress while they are out on assignment.

All of this minimizes turnover and job abandonment, and delivers consistent feedback and coaching opportunities.

We’d be happy to tell you more about how we plan to utilize the AI technology in recruiting and managing candidates for your worksite! Please do reach out to us if you want to know more!

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