BC STAT Pay Rules And How You Can Qualify

Do you qualify?

To qualify for STAT Pay in BC, you must be employed for 30 calendar days and have worked or earned wages on 15 of the 30 days before the STAT holiday.
Find a list here of statutory holidays in British Columbia


How to calculate STAT Holiday pay

(based on days worked during the 30 calendar days before STAT holiday):

Total Wages* divided by number of days worked** = STAT holiday pay (an average day’s pay)

Total Wages includes Regular Wages, salary, commission, STAT pay, paid vacation and paid sick days. It does not include Overtime Hours.

** Number of Days Worked include paid vacation days, other paid STAT holidays and paid sick days


What happens if you work on a STAT Holiday?

  • If an employee does not qualify for STAT holiday pay, they are paid regular pay for working on the STAT Holiday.
  • If an employee does qualify for STAT holiday pay, they are paid time and a half for hours worked on the STAT Holiday and double time for any hours worked over 12 hours.


Follow this link for more information on Qualifying for STAT in BC

Follow this link for more information on how to calculate STAT pay in BC

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