6 Ways To Stay Safe & Feel Secure Without A Face Mask

As we head back to the workplace and offices after two years of managing safety, we are all ready for some Fresh Starts and Safe Habits! As we start to encourage a more active on-site presence, many places are no longer requiring facemasks.

That doesn’t mean everyone is fully comfortable with the idea, however.

Here are 6 ways we can help mitigate risk and create a sense of comfort in the workplace when there are no longer mask mandates in place:

stay safe without a mask

  1. Maintain social distancing of 2 meters: walk down an empty or less crowded aisle
  2. Wash/sanitize hands frequently: have a sanitizer on your key chain
  3. Sanitize high touch points i.e. cell phone, steering wheel, keys, door handles
  4. Practice sneeze and cough etiquette: turn away from others and cover your face with your elbow crease
  5. Avoid crowds and closed spaces: walk outdoors, attend places at less busier times of the day
  6. Carry a spare mask to use when you feel it is needed

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