Match-Making Using Your Transferable Skills

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Written by: Carla Villalta, Occupational Wellness Manager at ABL Employment.

Transferable skills are skills and abilities that can be useful in a variety of jobs and developing your career path. Consider your work-history and the skills have you consistently used.
It’s especially important to develop and highlight your transferable skills if you’re changing jobs and MATCH them with your CAREER path.  Let’s take a look at the following example:

The MATCH MAKER Skills Of A Warehouse Worker:

 Manual skills to load, unload and move products and materials by hand and by using basic material handling equipment
 Comparing information to perform other material handling activities such as counting, weighing, sorting, packing and unpacking
 Feeding and off-loading to move products on and off moving trucks and vans
 Form compact loads and secure articles to prevent damage and breakage
 Aptitude to perceive pertinent details and Inspect and verify goods and to reject damaged goods
 Responding with precise actions such as assemble containers and crates, and to pack goods to be shipped
 Problem solving skills to understand loading schedules and instructions
 Communication skills to ‘catch on’ or understand instructions and underlying principles
 Teamwork skills to work cooperatively in a collective working environment
 Safety skills to work rapidly and accurately

3 Ways ABL Can Help:

1) Check Out our blogs and webinars to help you build a digital resume that will amplify your applications to job listings you find online.

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2) Reach Out to ABL’s Job Board to explore opportunities ABL can offer to help you develop and enhance these transferable skills

3) Work with our staffing teams  to MATCH your skills with our business partners. If you’re not sure what skills you have or want to develop, speak with our MATCH MAKERS at your local ABL branch office!

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