Coming Back From COVID-19: Is your business ready for the challenge?

Store window sign that says "Come In We're Open and Awesome"

Provinces in Canada have begun releasing their plans for re-opening their economies, and most are issuing specific guidelines for standards businesses must implement to keep employees and customers safe once businesses begin reopening.

Over the last two months, businesses deemed “Essential” have had a crash course in developing immediate, actionable solutions to workplace issues stemming from the dilemmas posed by COVID-19, and we can learn a lot from them as we move forward into the initial phases of re-opening some businesses that operate outside the scope of those designated as “essential”.

Some of the things to consider include:
  • How you will ensure good social distancing behaviours on the work-floor, and in common areas like elevators, locker rooms, washrooms, lunchrooms, waiting areas, etc.
  • How you can limit cross-exposure between groups of people in different departments, between shifts, etc.
  • How you will keep staff and customers/visitors safe from exposing one-another to elevated risks through sanitation processes
  • What type of PPE will be required for staff and visitors/customers, and who will pay for it
  • Where you will source the required PPE or materials to build barriers or screens between staff members or between clients and employees

In Ontario and British Columbia, the provincial government has released specific guidelines and expectations for businesses opening up in the first few weeks of the plan to re-open the economy.  Those expectations were created under the guidance of public health officials and serve as a good basis from which to operate as you prepare to reopen your workplace.

We created a one-page summary  YOU CAN DOWNLOAD HERE  – based on the information in the resources provided by the government below.  We encourage you to check out these links for really great advice on things like:

  • Workplace specific sanitation practices
  • Personal responsibility for minimizing risk of spreading infection
  • Physical distancing and practical ways to maintain this in the workplace
  • Scheduling and process changes to minimize the risk of spreading disease

We’ve been working closely with essential businesses in the last two months to help them address the issues they’ve been faced with in creating safe workplaces during the pandemic. We would be happy to speak with you about some of the practical solutions we’ve arrived at with those client companies.  Reach out to your local ABL team to start the conversation!  We’re interested to learn more about your challenges in getting ready to re-open your workplace, and we feel certain we can offer you some practical advice.

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