A Survival Guide For Mental Health & Wellness

elevator doors with a vinyl stick on it that says "Lift: let's lift your mood"

As we recognize Mental Health Awareness Week, ABL’s Occupational Wellness Manager has assembled a resource tool to help you build good habits that support mental health and wellbeing. We know this is particularly important as we deal with the physical distancing requirements in the current pandemic climate, where we’re all feeling a little less connected and a little more frustrated with the lack of contact and continued restrictions on our movement. Our tool can help you come out of lock-down a little less frazzled.

The document is set up to provide you with ideas on activities, personal development, exercise, mindfulness practices, info on good eating and hydrating, and so much more. The excel document has a main schedule page, which lists a number resources that are linked to tabs on the bottom of the spreadsheet. 

Use this on your own, incorporate it into your virtual team meetings, or even use it as an activity tracker and conversation starter with the kids!


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