Activity Ideas For Family Staycations

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Looking for activity ideas for a staycation? We came up with these 5 activities that you can engage in either yourself or with the kids, for little or no expense. We hope they’ll help you make the most of your staycation time!

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1. Make family movies on your smart phones

Many free apps are available to help make this easy for beginners. Try having the kids interview their parents about how they met, what life was like for them growing up, or having parents interview kids about their favourite sports, movies, games, or what they want to be when they grow up.

2. Organize toys and games, and donate items they’ve outgrown

It can be fun to revisit old games and toys, but kids outgrow these so quickly. Talk to kids about going through their old things, photographing their sentimental items, and then deciding which ones can be donated to thrift stores or re-use stores so other kids can have fun playing them in future. 

This teaches important organizing skills, while instilling the civic-minded attitude of giving back to the community, and recycling.

3. Make albums or scrapbooks of photos and artwork

We live in a digital age – not many of us print photo’s anymore, but this can be a mistake – many people forget the importance of properly backing up their digital family photos etc. and all it takes is a damaged or lost smartphone and we loose thousands of photos. 

Why not download a batch of recent family pictures, go to your local drugstore or home store, and get them printed for a few bucks. Then go to the dollar store and get a scrapbook and some stickers, and have the kids put together a memory book, or family scrapbook. They can embellish the pages with personal notes and drawings, or stickers.

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4. Get baking together

Dollar stores often have low-cost cake or cookies mixes where you just add water and an egg. This way if things don’t work out, you’re not out of a lot of ingredients!) This can be a great introduction to important lessons in hygienic food preparation, reading nutrition labels, and kitchen safety. 

Plus, everyone gets to enjoy the yummies afterwards, or they could be shared with an elderly neighbour who might enjoy a visit and a cookie delivery!

5. Borrow a neighbour’s pet

If the kids have been nagging you to get a dog or some other pet, this might be the perfect time to ask a friend or neighbour if they need help with pet-sitting, dog-walking, etc. 

Spending a few hours a day taking care of a pet, including feeding, walking, grooming, and poop-scooping, will be a great introduction and litmus test for whether the kids are really ready for the responsibilities of pet ownership full time or not – but either way – they and the pets will still enjoy one-another’s company for the time being.

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