When to Use a Staffing Agency

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Are you struggling to find the right talent? Is your recruitment process unnecessarily long and taking a toll on your team? If you’re feeling burned out from endless candidate evaluations and job interviews that lead to dead ends, then keep reading!  It could be a sign that you need a staffing agency for a more rapid and streamlined solution. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using a staffing agency.


It takes on average 23 days to get someone new on your team, according to a report by Glassdoor. Between writing a good job description, sorting through resumes, candidate screening, interview scheduling and paperwork, the process is not for the faint of heart!

If you want to conduct fewer interviews, focus on reviewing the best candidates, and finding the right person for your team faster, staffing agencies are your best bet!


In the age of social media, managing the flood of applications from unqualified candidates can leave you in a bind! No matter how efficiently you sort applications or what software you’re using, you still have to sift through the “no” pile. Wouldn’t it be easier to entrust a staffing agency to interpret a candidate’s resume, and pose the right questions to determine the best candidate match?


You might think hiring a staffing agency is expensive, but it’s more affordable than you think! New hires will always be a huge investment because you have to dedicate manpower for the onboarding process and pay them for their time. However, if they turn out to be a bad hire, it could make your talent acquisition costs spiral out of control. Learn how to reduce turnover and the associated costs by speaking with one of our experts at ABL Employment.


Want to catch more fish in the job candidate sea? Expand your reach and widen your net. Staffing agencies can get your message across different channels and networks that you would never have been able to find on your own. Staffing agencies are known for getting in front of passive candidates who are not actively seeking work but could be the right fit if the timing and offer is right.


Whether you’re looking for an extra pair of hands to handle a project or take an element of your business to a new level, staffing agencies can help you find temporary, contract and temp-to-hire employees. Because temporary employees are employed by the staffing agency, you won’t have to worry about processing their pay, benefits or other details. All you’ll need to focus on is getting the work done and ensuring your team is as successful as it can be.

Are you considering using a staffing agency to hire temporary or permanent workers in Hamilton, Burlington, Mississauga or the GTA?  Our experts at ABL Employment can help get you started.

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