What to Do if You Can’t Find a Job

corporate employees seated in a row holiding phones, laptops and newspapers.

Job hunting is undoubtedly one of the most stressful and frustrating tasks. This is especially true if you are seeking employment in Hamilton or the GTA. Students, grads and many more in this extremely populated area are searching heavily.

Everyone has to job search or knows someone who has done it at some point or another. Some can be found on your own or with the help of an employment agency. Either way, once you have found the job you’re looking for it can feel like a huge stress is off your back.

ABL Employment is a great place to start, especially if you are looking for general labour jobs in the GTA. If you are having trouble finding work, here are a couple techniques you can try.


Handing out and emailing countless resumes with no response can be daunting. Spending lots of time applying to job after job with no headway can frustrate the best of us. The good thing is, this might be your first clue as to why you are having trouble finding work. Even with great experience and solid references, if your resume isn’t doing you any justice then it might be time to redo it and start fresh. Your resume checklist should include:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Location
  • LinkedIn
  • Education
  • Work experience in order of most current to least current
  • Field related keywords (some businesses use a resume scanning system)
  • Most relevant accomplishments
  • References on a separate page

If you are having trouble planning and executing your resume, try looking for some layout ideas online. Once you have finished your resume, have a family member or friend with good grammar skills edit it. Once it has been edited it’s time to begin your job search again!


For some, looking for work feels like a never ending cycle. It might be worthwhile to talk to family, friends or a mental health professional if you feel as though job searching is taking a mental toll on you. Having some outside perspective and validating your hard work may help you to keep your chin up and keep looking for your dream job. If anything, it can provide you with a healthy outlet to discuss your current situation and relieve some stress.


Volunteering and networking provides a great opportunity to not only gain some relevant work experience but also to meet others in your preferred industry as well. By adding some work experience and a possible reference to your resume, you have the chance to catch the eye of potential employers.

And who knows, through your networking and volunteering you might just meet your new boss too.


If things aren’t moving along the way you would like them to it might be time to change your job search a little. By expanding your horizons and tweaking your expectations you are allowing yourself to try something new. Changing location alone opens the possibility of tapping a new job market. If you feel like it might be time to make a change, doing some background research on locations, companies and related fields is always a great place to start. This might also be your chance to look into a staffing agency for additional help.


Now that you have some general ideas of how you can tweak your job search techniques, it’s time to make a detailed plan. Your plan should include:

  • Short-term goals
  • Long-term goals
  • Fields/jobs you are going to apply to
  • Specific days/times to apply
  • Resume, cover letter and portfolio preparation
  • Research networking groups
  • Research organizations for volunteering
  • Find an employment agency
  • Financial needs
  • Interview outfits

Creating and executing a detailed plan may help to put you at ease during your job search. If anything, it’s a positive step in the right direction. 

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