Wellness Management: STAY Summer Fresh when WORKING

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It’s summer! Hot weather is here!

Sticky, Sweaty, Smelly.  Sometimes that means people are trailing some pungent body odors.  Workplaces that require a high level of physical activity can cause a person to sweat and smell. Even working in close quarters with dozens or hundreds of colleagues sharing an open-plan space can cause the air-conditioning to feel inadequate. 

FACT: Sweat is what causes odor, so it’s important to keep your feet and body dry, regardless of the kind of workspace you work in.


  • Regular baths or showers and underarm deodorant are the methods most people use to keep body odor under control
  • Re-apply deodorant during the day or purchase an extra-strength product


  • Avoid oily, spicy foods and alcohol, as it makes you feel warm internally.
  • Excessive intake of non-veg food items, especially red meats, worsen your body odor; as these food items have much more protein than veggies. Protein raises body temperature


  • Clothing that features anti-bacterial material that wicks away moisture from the body can help people whose work requires physical activity.
  • Fabric with a high content of natural fibres rather than man-made fibres will be cooler
  • Wear light color clothes as as dark colours absorb much more heat than lighter colours
  • Change work shirt mid-shift


  • A shower or bath every day will help to clean off bacteria Wipe the area between your toes
    FACT: Sweat is what causes foot odor, so it’s important to keep your feet dry.
  • Wear socks that breathe! Socks made of cotton or special wicking fibers will allow air to reach your feet and keep them cool
  • Make sure your WORKBOOTS or other shoes are not too tight as this will cram toes and make them sweat
  • Powder your footwear regularly and allow shoes to dry out every few days
  • Wash your shoes in a washing machine or bathtub. Use powders that claim to reduce odor

Recipe to remove foot odor from work boots and sneakers:
Simply sprinkle 3 tablespoons of baking soda into each shoe and leave it
overnight and pour it out in the morning before work.

HINT: Should you find yourself working alongside a coworker with personal hygiene issues which have become a distraction, due to the sensitive nature of this topic, it’s best to speak privately with your supervisor about your concerns, so that this may addressed in a private and tactful manner. 

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