How to Stand Out to an Employer

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With the help of a staffing agency, like ABL Employment, you have the opportunity to get your foot in the door in your preferred field of work.

ABL Employment would be your employer while you are on assignment at one of our workplaces, but the following advice can really increase the likelihood that you can be eligible for the next full time opportunity/opening at that workplace.


A positive attitude can go a long way at work. Others enjoy being around those who are happy and optimistic. Pessimism can often be discouraging and frustrating for many. The goal is to work together, or independently, to complete your work and benefit the company.

If you stay positive regularly, your co-workers and superiors will sense that you genuinely enjoy the job. A company often doesn’t want to hire employees who don’t want to be there, or don’t enjoy their job. If you stay optimistic and upbeat, your attitude may become contagious and lead to a more enjoyable atmosphere.


It’s important, in any work environment, to be open to constructive criticism and helpful advice. If your managers or co-workers have a piece of advice for you, it could be beneficial to listen and take it into consideration.

Even if you listen to advice, and it doesn’t help you to complete your task or work more efficiently, it still shows others that you have good listening skills. Being open to new ideas and always striving to better your performance are key traits that employers look for in employees.


Being on time for work cannot be emphasized enough. It is extremely important to be on time or even arrive to the worksite early. Arriving early not only proves to a potential employer that you are responsible and punctual, but it also helps to ensure that you are completely prepared for work. Aiming to be early for work also helps to avoid being late due to things that are out of your control, such as traffic.


An employer will most definitely notice if you always have your work done accordingly and on time, as well as if your work is done incorrectly, or has missed a deadline. Which one would you prefer an employer noticed?

When you arrive to the worksite, you should be ready to work efficiently. Avoiding distractions, such as other employees, mobile devices or non-work related websites can be beneficial to your productivity. If you complete your work effectively, and on time, you are much more likely to stand out to a company and ultimately become a valuable asset to the team.


There are some basic things to avoid doing while at work if you would like to stand out to a potential employer in a positive way.

Breaking the rules, or not following them accordingly, is not a good way to stand out to a company. It can be disrespectful to your superiors, fellow employees and the company as a whole. While you are at the worksite it’s only fair that you work according to their rules. Some things to avoid include:

  • Not following dress code
  • Using mobile devices
  • Disrespectful behavior
  • Wasting company time
  • Inappropriate language

Showing that you have respect for a company and the people you work alongside is a great way to get noticed by a potential employer. Getting noticed is the first step to ensuring permanent employment with a company.

If you are currently seeking employment, a staffing agency might be the key to your future success. Contact ABL Employment today to see what job opportunities may be waiting for you.

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