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Focusing on both physical and mental wellness are closely integrated for work life balance. Following are simple steps everyone can participate in every day. Working helps to provide stability and ability to achieve life goals. ABL Employment supports work-life balance through meaningful job assignments that help meet your goals within your available time schedule.

Eat clean whole foods when possible
  • choose fresh more than processed
  • choose foods from the outer isles of the grocery store
  • food with fiber and rich in nutrients and vitamins help every calorie count
  • how you cook your food is just as important: try to grill and bake rather than fry
  • refer to Healthy Habits blog post: Plan, Prepare, Portions
Choose to be active
  • park far away to increase your steps
  • take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • extra squats while lifting the laundry basket
  • walk to pick up your mail
  • use grocery bags as arm weights
  • skip on the spot during commercials
  • walk around the outside of the building
Maximize your breaks at work & home
  • walk at lunch alone or with a coworker
  • quick zap-naps helps to rejuvenate
  • listen to relaxing music in shower
  • essential oils in the bath can relax or refresh
  • focus on energizing and developing a positive mindset
  • take opportunities to learn something new  
Practice Positive Power
  • set daily goals and challenges
  • implement collaboration and team work skills
  • be thankful and grateful
  • use thoughts, words and actions that leave you feeling good about yourself and others
  • be open to humour!
  • give permission to yourself to smile and laugh even during difficult times
  • associate with positive & supportive people

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