2017 Hamilton Labour Market Update: Workforce Planning Hamilton releases latest study

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Workforce Planning Hamilton has been hard at work diving into what Hamilton’s current labour market looks like! This comprehensive 2017 Employer One Survey  includes the A to Z’s on exactly what companies and employees in Hamilton are experiencing.

Here are some of the highlights:

Long term positions make up 90% of the Hamilton employment market: Permanent Placements have a 70% share, and Permanent Part-Time jobs have a 20% share. Contract/Seasonal opportunities come in at a distant 3rd place, with 10% of positions in the market.

The industrial sector job market (general labour & skilled trades) has been tighter than ever. 40% of companies are finding it very difficult to find the quality employees they need to build their businesses.

There are a lot of strategies available to attract, develop, and retain the quality staff a company needs. If you have any questions about how to find the best employees in a tightening labour market, ABL EMPLOYMENT has a team of staffing experts to guide you. 

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Companies identify Work Ethic (35%) and Self-Motivation (34%) as top qualities they look for in an employee. Other qualities companies look for include DependabilityTeamwork and Industry Related Skills: Employees who stand out display these qualities in spades, and quickly gain the trust of the companies they work for. Having the ability to work well in teams and keep yourself and others motivated shows that you have management skills, and will result in many more opportunities to advance in your career.

To see the whole report from Workforce Planning Hamilton, please download it below by clicking the button:

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(All info graphics are sourced from the original 2017 Employer One Survey) 

This article was inspired by Workforce Planning Hamilton and we suggest you check out their website for more interesting facts about what is going on in the Hamilton labour market.

Written by: Alex Borsos
ABL Employment

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