Why is it important to Unitask?

Why is it important to Unitask?

No matter what industry you’re in, whether it’s construction, warehousing, business, marketing, retail, – everyone in the workforce today is a professional multi-tasker. We perform various duties every day, sometimes at the same time. With all the multi-tasking that we are doing, have we lost the skill to unitask?

Unitasking means to concentrate on one single task at a time. To focus on one problem solely may sound easy, but it’s surprisingly difficult. Think about how many distractions and interruptions arise during your workday? We have become so used to multitasking that we may not even realize when we’re doing it!

So how can you be better at unitasking at your job?

• Make time to think. Often times, the hardest thing is making the time to concentrate on the task at hand. Schedule a block of time that works for you. Make a guideline on how much time to spend on one task. If you spend too long on it, you might drain yourself. You want to be efficient with your time, not waste it.

• Find some quiet. Having a quiet place to think can be very beneficial for unitasking. But that can be difficult when you’re in a usually noisy area like a construction zone or factory. If you can squeeze five minutes of quiet somewhere in your day, it might help you in the long run. Turning off your mobile phone will also help to minimize distractions.

Even though unitasking may seem like more work, it actually helps to boost productivity, creativity and minimizes stress. Try it and see if it makes an improvement in your job.

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