The Student Worker Exodus

Woman wearing backpack and carrying a stack of textbooks.

Many companies experience a dramatic and often unexpected labour crunch once their student workers return to class in September.

There are also those workers who decide to become students, sometimes at the last minute, which can put a real dent into your staffing plans for the fall busy season. All of this is in addition to the traditional trend of staff turnover in the Fall, due to it being the most popular time for people to change jobs/careers.

ABL Employment Inc. is able to help with the sudden staffing shortages that occur at this time of year. We also work with companies who regularly have fluctuations with their staffing levels during other times of the year, such as in the case of:

·  Unexpected workload increases

· New product line ramp-ups

· Vacation/sick leave coverage

· Seasonal Peaks

· Special Projects

We’ll help you come up with an attraction and hiring/staffing plan that will help you quickly identify the kind of people you need to meet your business goals going forward.

Please contact us if we can be of service:  We would love to speak with you about how we can help you with your staffing plans. The contact information for each of our branch offices is available on this page.

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