Staying Competitive in Your Industry

Staying Competitive in Your Industry

No matter what industry your business is in, staying competitive can mean the difference between success and failure. Being competitive doesn’t necessarily mean having the cheapest prices; rather it’s a delicate balancing act what involves an awareness of both risk and opportunity. Below are three factors that can be leveraged in order to stay competitive.


Your business doesn’t operate in a vacuum and your customers are being wooed by others with similar products and services. In order to differentiate your business, you absolutely need to know what’s going on outside of your operations. What are your competitors doing? What does the market want? What trends are developing and how might they affect your customers’ lives? What risks does your company face? What opportunities are out there? Encourage everyone within your organization from executive management to general labour to maintain a sense of curiosity, read the news, and keep an eye on the industry.


We’re in the era of “big data” and business intelligence. Modern business intelligence software can help you make sense of industry, market, and customer information. Other technologies allow you to work and communicate more efficiently. As a result, you can spend less time on mundane tasks and more time on business development. In addition to improving internal operations, you may need to invest in technologies adopted by your competitors in order to keep up.


Finally, staying competitive also means staffing your business with talented employees and general labour. Temporary agencies such as ABL Employment can help you to quickly fill the gaps, meet seasonal staffing needs, and keep your business thriving despite fluctuations in your industry. In addition, when you work with a staffing agency, you gain greater control over your long-term employment and recruiting costs which can give you yet another competitive advantage.

With a focus on knowledge, technology, and talent, you can gain insights into the risks, opportunities, and rewards within your industry and respond to them in order to remain competitive.

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