Sharing Good News

June 2009
Contributed by: PJ Ferguson

The sun came out at the very end of summer this year.  With that energy in the air, I thought that I would share some positive headlines in the news right now.

Global economic recovery ‘has started’: IMF chief economist
Tuesday, August 18 05:47 pm

“Stocks jump as Bernanke says economy near recovery”
August 21, 2009 6:45 PM ET (Associated Press)
“The recovery signs for workers north of the border are beginning to emerge.  You’ll probably see a stronger [employment] recovery in Canada just because we’re expecting an overall stronger economic recovery,”  Globe & Mail  August 21,2009

“Commodities jump on renewed optimism about economy”
August 21, 2009 6:32 PM ET (Associated Press)

“Executives’ optimism about the economy has continued to grow over the past month and a half” according to the results of a McKinsey Quarterly survey for August”

Not only the news headlines are indicating a change in the economy, there is also positive news from the staffing industry’s varied client company base across Canada.  Companies are seeing an increase in orders from their clients and a loosening of the purse strings on new initiatives. 

A quick reminder that this positive movement is happening just in time for the students to be heading back to school. ABL has already implemented the autumn recruiting strategy and is ready for your September orders.  ***

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