New Partnership in BC Leads to More Temporary Jobs in the Manufacturing Industry

2 women in hard hats attending machines in manufacturing plant

Good news for job seekers in Canada—especially in British Columbia! To deal with a rising demand for construction and other related jobs, a new committee has been formed with the goal of generating a comprehensive skills training plan for workers. This new training program will open up tons of construction job opportunities. More importantly, however, this boom in the construction market will provide spin-off benefits for the local manufacturing industries that ABL Employment specializes in. This is a positive development for British Columbians and other Canadians looking to work in British Columbia.

The goal of the new committee is to develop British Columbia’s resources. By giving back to its province through creating proper education and job opportunities, British Columbia could potentially enjoy an economic growth of over $75 billion from major projects throughout the next ten years. This program is going to help provide the resources and manpower for upcoming major building projects in British Columbia. These projects could create tens of thousands of general labour jobs, packaging jobs and warehouse jobs—all which require highly-skilled and qualified workers. In addition, many companies will require project-based and temporary employees to support them with the influx of supply orders placed by the construction industry—that is where ABL Employment comes in.

ABL Employment provides job opportunities and temporary positions to workers in Burlington, Hamilton, London, Milton, Toronto, and of course, British Columbia. ABL Employment’s British Columbia location offers tons of temporary job opportunities in the West, such as warehouse receiver positions, general labourer jobs, lift truck operators, and unloader jobs. To view currently available temporary jobs in Vancouver and British Columbia, visit the Hot Jobs page on our website:

If you are looking for work in British Columbia, consider applying for temporary jobs in Vancouver through ABL Employment. Who knows? A temporary job in Vancouver could be the start of a long and fruitful career in British Columbia! In fact, many of the temporary jobs filled by ABL Employment’s assignment employees lead to full-time employment opportunities.

ABL Employment is a family-owned and operated staffing agency that specializes in finding general labour, packaging, assembly and warehouse jobs in Ontario and British Columbia. Our focus is on long-term temporary and temporary-to-hire positions. If you’re interested in applying for temporary jobs through ABL Employment, visit us online at

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