Introducing the “A Better Life” Award Finalists of 2018!

A Better Life Award

This January, ABL’s trusted partners, suppliers, and customers will be helping to select our 2018 “A Better Life” Award recipient who will receive a beautiful Inukshuk award plaque and $1000 cheque! Voting closes on January 25th, and we hope to share the results in early February. Check out the inspiring stories of our three finalists in this video.

If you’re not yet familiar with this initiative, it is something that the ABL team is extremely eager to talk about. The program is made up of two parts: a monthly component and a yearly component.

The monthly component is an opportunity for ABL client contacts, such as supervisors and managers at our client companies, to nominate an ABL assignment employee for our monthly lucky draw for gift card prizes. Employees are nominated because they go the extra mile to be a positive or helpful force at their job assignments through ABL.

Here are some of the ways an employee can be nominated:

  • Accepting and starting a last-minute assignment
  • Receiving positive feedback on their work from the client company
  • Referring a friend who also starts an ABL Assignment
  • Using their ABL assignment to meet a personal goal, or move towards a positive change in their life
  • Being nominated by a client company for helping them have “A Better Life”

The second component is the Annual Award, where the award recipient receives a $1000 cheque along with a beautiful plaque celebrating their inspiring personal story of how they used their opportunity with an ABL assignment to make a significant personal achievement or change for themselves, their family, or their community. These are the stories that resonate with the ABL staff throughout the year, and are put forward by each ABL branch office to the entire ABL staffing team at our year-end holiday gathering to vote on and narrow down to a final three nominees.

At this point, the three finalist stories are presented to ABL partners, whether they be customers, marketing companies, I.T. service teams, or any other community partners in the ABL Family who express an interest in being involved in the selection process. Those partners are asked to vote on their favourite nominee/story, and the results are announced in early February.

The two runners-up will both receive a $250 cheque, along with a beautiful plaque acknowledging their placements. The award winner will have their inspiring story shared on ABL’s website and social media platforms, as well as in each ABL branch office, to serve as inspiration for ABL staff and assignment employees throughout the year.

Why Did We Choose the Inukshuk as the Symbol for this Award?

ABL decided on the beautiful, traditional Canadian symbol of the Inukshuk to represent this award, because the symbol is historically used to signify that a traveller is “on the right path”. We felt it was just so poignant, given that the “A Better Life” Award was established to acknowledge employees who have maximized their opportunities with ABL to create a better life for themselves or their families.

You can learn more about previous award winners below:

2016: Tracy from Hamilton Office

2017: Sue from British Columbia Office

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