How to Communicate with your Employees

How to Communicate with your Employees

Good communication amongst employees is essential for a successful business. It allows you to establish your expectations, build trust, improve productivity, increase employee loyalty and demonstrate respect for your staff members. If you’re looking for ways to improve internal communication within your company (and there is always room for improvement), you’re in luck! We’ve put together a how-to guide for communicating with your staff members.

Keep your Employees in the Loop

Believe it or not, your employees are interested in the goings-on of your company—even when they aren’t directly involved. Keeping your staff informed gives them the opportunity to provide input and helps them understand the direction the company is moving in.

Talk to your Employees Face-to-Face

With email, text messaging and online chat tools, it’s not hard to go a day at the office without actually speaking to anyone. While these tools are great for certain kinds of exchanges, interacting with your staff members in person is still very important. Not only does this improve camaraderie between employees, but it also helps ensure you don’t run into any miscommunication issues.

Be Approachable

Your employees should feel comfortable coming to you with questions or concerns. Many managers make the mistake of asserting their authority through intimidation. While this may be effective, it also makes your employees feel as though they can’t come to you. It’s your job to make sure your staff members are comfortable approaching you.

Welcome Feedback

Communication is a two-way street. Your employees might have some great ideas to help increase your company’s success. Taking the time to listen to suggestions, questions or concerns from your staff members could give you the information you need to improve your productivity.

Take Input Seriously

If you don’t intend to take any action when you get feedback from your employees, what’s the point of asking for it? If you choose not to act on an employee’s suggestion, provide them with an explanation. Otherwise, they will think you aren’t considering their opinion seriously.

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