How small businesses can benefit from ABL’s services

How small businesses can benefit from ABL’s services

Many small business owners believe that only larger businesses can benefit from the services of a staffing company. On the contrary, small businesses can actually profit greatly when they use a staffing company to help with their hiring.

Time-Saving: If you are a small business owner, your schedule is probably jam-packed! You are so busy taking care of all the things that will keep your business running smoothly, that it is difficult to find the time for hiring new employees. When you take advantage of the services offered by ABL Employment, we handle the steps in the hiring process. Because we maintain databases of employees to fill the needs of a variety of clients, we will be able to find you new staff members quickly while you focus on running your business.rbo

Less Expensive: If your business starts to grow, you may need a few extra sets of hands to keep up with things. The cost of hiring and maintaining a full-time staff team can be expensive. Laying off workers can also be costly for companies.  By using our temp agency to outsource work, you will only need to pay for employees’ services whenever you need them. A temporary worker expense appears as a vendor on your books instead of as “payroll burden”, so your bottom line looks better to your creditors/bank etc.

Improve Productivity: Hiring temporary staff to handle work overload canprevent full-time workers from being overwhelmed and debilitated.  Offering workers temp jobs allows permanent staff members to focus only on their usual tasks without compromising productivity or raising stress levels.

Try Before You Buy: Hiring temp employees from ABL Employment allows you to ‘test them out’ before hiring them permanently. Sometimes, when you hire someone permanently based on credentials and experience, they don’t mesh well with the working environment. With temp employees, you get to see how they will fit in at your organization before making them a permanent job offer.

Increase Flexibility: Temporary employees allow businesses to use staff as needed. They can be brought in when a permanent employee is on vacation, sick, on maternity leave, etc. to make sure productivity levels don’t dip.

Making use of ABL’s hiring services offers plenty of advantages for any small business. It will save you time, money and effort in the long run—PLUS, it will help your business run smoother!

If you are looking for a job in the GTA, we can help you too! We specialize in finding temp jobs in Hamilton, Burlington, Toronto, London, Brampton, and Vancouver. Many of the jobs offered are general labour jobs, assembly jobs, packaging jobs, automotive jobs, and industrial jobs.

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