Helpful Links to Salary and Health and Safety info in Canada

Helpful Links to Salary and Health and Safety info in Canada

ABL periodically shares links we think our customer base would find useful or interesting in regards to health and safety, employment law, or industry news.

Take a look! Salary comparison info in Canada:

Health and Safety information in Canada: Free downloads!

IAPA: has developed a comprehensive set of Safety Rules to provide a framework for ensuring positive standards of behaviour for all staff in your organization. These Safety Rules have been translated into 19 languages

WHMIS: the Health Canada website has great information on updates to the WHMIS system and its implementation at workplaces across Canada.

– Application and Regulatory Requirements

– Compliance

– Frequently Asked Questions and Related Issues

– International Harmonization (GHS)

– Program Administration and Consultation

– Symbols


Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters association webpage has a great resource page listed under the tab “Your Issues”, addressing such topics as:

• Manufacturing Competitiveness,

• US-CDN Business relationships,

• Energy/Environmental Issues,

• International Market info.

People & Skills 

Supply Chain and Logistics association has listed a series of checklists outlining practices and technologies that can be adopted by your company to improve your competitiveness and lower your environmental footprint through greater efficiencies in goods movement. The practices included are aimed specifically to improve system efficiencies, lower fuel consumption, and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and/or criteria air contaminants (CAC).

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