Be Winter Fit with Safe Winter Habits!

Keeping your employees and visitors to your facility safe and healthy this winter is extremely important.

From the prevention and spreading of the cold and flu, to avoiding slips, trips, and falls, to promoting good nutrition and sleep habits, we wanted to provide some insight into what workplaces can do to manage these issues. This is also good for managing absenteeism by keeping your workforce healthy and safe during the winter months.

Our Occupational Wellness Manager, Carla Villalta, developed a simple and eye-catching handout for your safety boards, which would make great resources for tool-box talks and safety reminders.

It talks about tips and benefits for maintaining a Clutter-Free Workspace, practicing good fitness and nutrition habits, and the importance of sunlight and fresh air in supporting good mental health and overall immune system wellness.

You can download the free PDF printable poster here.

You can also view the following blogs to support your team in the winter months – many of which have additional free poster resources available in the links for your lunchrooms, safety-boards, and other places workers gather:

How to Protect Workers from Cold Stress

Wellness Management: Eat Your Water

Wellness Management – Healthy Habits: Nutrition for Shift Work

Wellness Management – Healthy Habits: Smart Sleep Habits for Shift Workers

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